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The Central line has the highest crime rate on the Underground

The Central line has the highest crime rate on the Underground
Umbreen Hafeez

British Transport Police have released crime figures for the tube, which reveal that a lack of oxygen and sweltering temperatures aren't the only risks you face when travelling around town.

According to the data, the Central line had the highest number of crimes reported, with 3,783 incidents over a two-year period from January 1, 2014 to December 8, 2015. The Piccadilly line came in second with 3,450 crimes reported, followed by the Jubilee line with 3,221. The Waterloo & City line fared best with only 21 incidents reported, but considering there's only two stops on the line and it takes about four minutes door-to-door, it's not all that surprising. On the plus side, TfL said that crime across the network was at its lowest for more than a decade in 2014/15. 

Image: Umbreen Hafeez

In other tube news, the number of cyclists in London are equal to a fifth of all tube passengers.

And Holborn tube station is trialling standing on both sides of the escalator for six months.

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Brian M
Brian M

If you were to divide the number of crimes by the number of stations, the figures show a different picture.

The Central line has 77.2 crimes per station, the Piccadilly Line has 65.1 per station, and the Waterloo and City Line has 10.5 per station. But the Jubilee Line has a whopping 119.3 per station.