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There's a new Oasis doc and it's suprisingly excellent

Tom Huddleston

Still mad for it, after all these years. This Sunday, cinemas across London and the UK will host an exclusive special screening of new Oasis doc 'Supersonic', complete with a live satellite Q&A with Liam Gallagher and the film’s director Mat Whitecross. We've seen the film and trust us, if you ever had a glimmer of love for this band you’ll be dabbing away a tear by the time the credits roll.

In 2016, it's become desperately uncool to like Oasis – and with good reason. Over 18 long years these gobby Mancs became a byword for stadium drudgery, tabloid tedium and lager-lad fandom. But it wasn’t always like that, as 'Supersonic' sets out to prove. Tracking the band through their first five years from first practices to early singles to sudden superstardom, this is an absolutely riveting story of success against the odds, reminding us that Oasis in their prime were blisteringly melodic, thrillingly arrogant and incredibly fun to watch.

Built around interviews with the band, their family and their road crew – plus heaps of never-before-seen handicam footage shot in studios and on tour buses – the film gives us an intimate insight into what it must have been like to be part of this mad phenomenon. But it’s not all laddy antics and booze-fuelled bants: Liam and Noel speak frankly and rather movingly about their tough childhoods, the work they put in to get the band together and their intense feelings of elation when it started to go their way.

You can read our review of 'Supersonic' right here. The film will screen across cinemas in London this Sunday, Oct 2 – check your local listings for details.

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