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These Oyster card fake nails let you swipe in and out on the tube

By Amy Smith

A photo posted by Lucie Davis (@luciedavis) on

We all know that panic of realising you’ve forgotten your Oyster card as you approach the tube barriers. Imagine if your manicure could save all that stress. Central Saint Martins student Lucie Davis has hit the nail on the head – or at least the acrylic nail on the touch-in, touch-out sensor – with the latest biohack.

Davis retrieved the microchip from her Oyster card and fitted it onto an acrylic fake nail. She then painted the rest of the set in the Oyster card colour scheme, which is definitely one up on Oyster Wand Guy, who's still spotted ‘magically’ whizzing about underground.


A photo posted by Lucie Davis (@luciedavis) on

The acrylics were part of Davis’ final collection for her BA in jewellery design and passed a trial run at King's Cross station recently. Sadly, you aren’t actually, technically allowed to take apart your Oyster card, so there won’t be any ‘Oyster shellac specials’ in your local salon just yet. The good news is that TfL is in conversation with Davis about the project, so who knows; the days of awkwardly fumbling for your Oyster card at the barriers might soon be over.

In other tube news, could London be getting tube lines painted on the pavement?

And can you guess which the busiest tube station in London is?


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