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Things you only know if you're a pest controller
Andy Parsons

Things you only know if you’re a pest controller

Danielle Goldstein

…according to Vicki Sims, 45.

South-east London is seriously bugged

‘I work across south London, Kent and Surrey, but it’s Catford, Camberwell, Peckham, Brixton and Streatham that are the worst areas: they’re all built up with multi-occupancy properties. I always get calls from them about bedbugs, especially after summer holidays. They’re very good travellers, bedbugs – they’ll get in your suitcase. You only need one pregnant female and you’re knackered.’

Bees have exploding balls

‘I do something called “Friday Facts” on YouTube, because I like to educate people as well, and one is about the male honeybee. When he climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies! If you were a male honeybee, you could only have sex once. Isn’t that sad?’ 

Women call pest control far more than men do

‘Ninety-five per cent of my calls are from women. Because we run the house, don’t we? And they always tell me it’s such a pleasure having a woman coming in to deal with their pests.’ 

A mouse can fit through a hole the width of a biro

‘If a rat or mouse wants to get in, they will get in – because a mouse only needs a gap the size of a ballpoint pen to gain entry and a rat needs one the size of a 50p. They’re looking for food, warmth and security. And our homes provide all of that.’ 

Guns don’t kill people, squirrels do

‘Squirrels are one of the biggest causes of house fires. They nibble at wiring, usually in the loft area because they tend to build their nests there. It’s frightening.’

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