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This delightful new 'Star Wars' toy has just rolled into the UK

Written by
Guy Parsons

The Force Awakens’ may not reach cinemas until December 18, but to hell with it – Disney's campaign for global merchandise domination starts today!

And it starts with a frankly irresistible version of the sequel's R2-D2-like droid, BB-8, guaranteed to separate geeks from their money faster than a high school bully.

He's the sphere that knows no fear!

BB8 Droid Toy, Sphero, UK

The helpful ball who's loved by all!

Star Wars Christmas Toy: BB 8 remote control toy

The bouncy orb that's totes adorbs!

The Force Awakes R2D2-like droid: BB-8 Star Wars Toy

You can control the little dude using your smartphone or tablet, or just put him into self-driving mode and he'll amiably explore his surroundings. (Frankly, we're hoping for a YouTube video wherein a cat falls in love with its BB-8 and cuddles up with it like they're best friends. We give it a week.)

For now, here's an advert, starring a child who inexplicably lives alone in a giant, soulless mansion with only his fancy gadget for company.

The price? A mere £129.99, my good man, and the toy is available in the UK from all good e-tailers.

There's also a stupider, football-sized and much cheaper (£30!) version that just seems to roll around and beep a bit – still more than enough to befuddle your feline foe, we reckon.

Where will BB-8 end up in our list of the 50 greatest Star Wars characters? Only time will tell...

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