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Travel back in time with the Timelooper app

Danielle Goldstein

Next time you're having a casual wander through the city, why not find out how terrifying it was walking around during, say, the Blitz? 'But that was 70-odd years ago,' you're thinking. Indeed it was, reader, indeed it was. But you can travel back in time with this new app Timelooper, which will show you a 360º virtual reality view of Trafalgar Square during WWII when the Germans were blasting our fair city to smithereens. Or you can witness the Great Fire tearing through the area around St Paul's during 1666 and pop to the Tower of London to experience the Medieval era.

To get in on the action, simply download the free app and whip it out when you're in the location to discover all kinds of fascinating historical facts and sights. And should you want to leave London (heaven forbid) for any reason, then you can also utilise Timelooper in Turkey, with forthcoming plans to conquer Rome, New York City, Berlin, Paris and China.

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