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Turning on a tap in Islington is 'anti-social behaviour'

By Hayley Spencer

It's pretty rare to find a London block of flats that's totally harmonious – things might not reach 'High-Rise' levels of debauchery, but living side-by-side with relative strangers does mean it's pretty easy to get riled up over the pettiest of behaviours. But who knew the council could take said petty grievances so seriously?

Case in point: Islington council has issued a letter to a whole block of residents warning them that turning taps on and off is 'anti-social behaviour.' It even goes as far as to say that anyone who is caught turning taps on in the night will face legal consequences. Whoever ratted on the tap-turner must have had one seriously pissed off phonecall to deal with.

After residents were left baffled by the note, a spokesperson for the council has admitted that perhaps the letter was a tad harsh, and that actually they could do with fixing the water pressure in the building.

He said: 'This letter was inappropriate and shouldn’t have been sent out. Issues of water pressure in a housing block are out of the hands of individual residents. We would like to apologise for any upset and make it clear that we would not take action against people for using their taps at night.'


In other weird news, someone got a £110 fine after a disabled parking bay was painted around his car overnight

And the Loch Ness Monster may be on the loose in the Thames.


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