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Two artists have converted a sewer into a two-bed flat

Written by
Matt Breen

Ben Burgis & Ksenia Pedan, 'Victoria Deepwater Terminal Estate Gallery'. Courtesy of Jerwood Space, London.

In a city where tents and garden sheds have been put on the rental market, this is the next logical step, surely? Okay, Ben Burgis and Ksenia Pedan's 'Victoria Deepwater Terminal Estate Gallery' isn't actually on the market. And with its rusting walls and litter-strewn floor, the piece's description as a 'stunning two-bed sewer conversion' might be a bit over-the-top. But hey, they're hardly the first people to be guilty of embellishing details of rental properties. Plus, it's got two cute pictures of dogs on the wall.

The installation is a giant piss-take of the current state of our hyper-gentrified, over-commodified capital, where every last stretch of property and land is carved up and put up for sale. It's being displayed as part of the Jerwood Space's 'Solo Presentations' exhibition. 

It might sound a bit far-out – no property developer has gone venturing into London's sewers yet, to our knowledge. But who knows what the future holds? This artwork might turn out to be a good forecast of things to come.

'Jerwood Solo Presentations' is on display at the Jerwood Space until Feb 26.

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