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Undershaft: designs for the tallest skyscraper in the City have been revealed

Isabelle Aron

If you thought 'the Cheesegrater' and 'the Walkie Talkie' were stupid names for buildings, then let us introduce to you 'One Undershaft' aka the 'Wondershaft'. Yep, that is the actual name proposed for a new London skyscraper – you know, those phallic-looking structures that litter the city's skyline? We can only assume that the name was either a half-baked afterthought or a carefully thought-out PR stunt. Either way, if the plans are approved by the City of London, it's set to become the tallest building in London's financial district. At 309.6 metres, it will tower over the neighbouring 180 metre-high Gherkin building and the 224 metre-tall Cheesegrater, but will match the Shard in height, which is the maximum allowed by the Civil Aviation Authority. But in a bid to out-skyscraper the city's pointiest building, it will feature a free public viewing gallery – which will be higher than the Shard's – as well as London's highest restaurant. Swanky.

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