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Watch Londoners go crazy over four miles of perfectly toppling dominoes

Guy Parsons

This weekend is the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.


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Station House OperaArts AdminLondon's Burning and Great Fire 350 decided to depict the extent of the blaze with an EPIC sequence of toppling dominoes. (Catch the whole video at the end of this post.)


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23,000 breeze blocks were painstakingly placed around the City by over 500 volunteers.

The FOUR MILE topple started at The Monument – itself built to mark the point where the Great Fire started...

 ...and from there, it snaked its way to Bank, before splitting into three. 


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One chain continued to the Gherkin, another to St. Paul's Cathedral, and the third north to Barbican.


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The excitement was infectious.


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As gravity did its work, onlookers were drawn helplessly on, unable to resist the satisfying clunk of block-on-block physics.


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'FOLLOW THE DOMINOES!' screamed two fully grown-up men to each other, overwhelmed by it all.


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The chain passed through gardens...


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...and markets.


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After twenty whole minutes of toppling, the dominoes finally ascended a final tower...


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Which then burst into flame,

 And dramatically collapsed. 


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It was, quite literally, lit.


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Job done!


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Watch our epic quest to follow the dominoes from beginning to end!

And if you missed that, tonight an enormous model of 17th-century London will be set ablaze on the South Bank – you can watch the live stream here.

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