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Watch pro-EU and pro-Brexit supporters awkwardly chanting at each other outside Parliament

By Time Out London contributor

Crowds gathered from 4pm in Westminster yesterday as Parliament debated a public petition urging a new EU vote. 

As Brexit secretary David Davis told MPs leaving the EU would offer the UK 'more freedoms and horizons', both supporters and protestors outside chanted and waved banners. Earlier in the day, anti-Brexit supporters had been encouraged to publicly lobby their MPs by European Movement UK. 

We're not gonna lie, the whole protest was pretty awkward to watch. Shouts of 'Teresa May, don’t delay' and 'What do we want?' 'Brexit!' 'When do we want it?' 'Now!' could be heard from pro-Brexit supporters. While the pro-EU protesters chanted back 'refugees are welcome here', and sung 'never gonna let EU down' to the tune of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. At 5.30pm a pro-Brexit contingent passed by the pro-EU crowd, to shouts of 'losers!' and 'shame on you'.

Protestors turned out in significantly lower numbers than Saturday’s March for Change, which drew thousands of anti-Brexit campaigners to the streets. The EU petition calling for a second referendum received 4.14 million signatures.

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