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We're finally getting a good look at Emma Watson in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Ellie Walker-Arnott

Emma Watson is set to take on one of the best Disney princesses of all time next year. But aside from a quick glimpse in a teaser trailer we've not seen much of her 'peculiar mademoiselle.' That has all changed now, with Disney releasing a set of images of its upcoming live-action rework of 'Beauty and the Beast'. 

The former Harry Potter star can be seen swirling her yellow skirt and cleaning the castle in a blue frock, both outfits mirroring the '90s animated classic.


The Beast, though, looks a little different in these images from Entertainment Weekly. He's sporting bigger horns and a more human-like face. Though we can't quite spy former 'Downton Abbey' actor Dan Smith under all that fur... 


Gaston, played by Luke Evans, looks as arrogant as ever.


But don't go expecting this to be a straight copy of the original movie, or your typical girl-meets-prince-and-lives-happily-ever -after tale. When it comes to the classic Disney princesses, Belle has always been different. She isn't the fairest in all the land and she isn't pining after a man. She's bookish, independent and gutsy.

Watson, who was secretly hiding books on the tube earlier this week, has become known for her feminist principles and work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador since she hung up Hermione's Hogwarts robes. She's currently heading up the HeForShe campaign too, so if you're expecting her Belle to be a helpless damsel in distress, you're probably going to be mistaken.  

'Beauty and the Beast' is in UK cinemas March 17. 

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