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What's your most embarrassing teenage memory?

Rosie Percy

Teenagerdom: a time for acne, angst and questionable fashion choices (I'm looking at you, t-shirt and tie combination circa 2003).

Along with skiving school and sipping WKD, adolescence wouldn't have been complete without embarrassing yourself on such a grand scale that the cringe still turns your stomach today. Like that time I ate so much sherbet for a dare that my tongue actually started to dissolve (#lad) or when I jumped on my dad's back to scare him in public. (It wasn't my dad.)

So, whether it's that time you called your teacher 'mum' or when you made a tit out of yourself to impress a girl, we want to hear from you. Share your painfully embarrassing teenage memories with us. The most excruciating (read: entertaining) will be picked to feature in our magazine.

Let us know below. And remember, all entries are completely anonymous. Your secret's safe with us. 

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