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What’s your strangest housesharing experience?

Rosie Percy

Moving house is already one of the most stressful life experiences. Add in the challenge of finding a place in London that isn't a bloodstained box room with bills excluded, and it's even worse. Then there are the housemates.

Being able to afford to live alone in London is about as likely as the Garden Bridge being built, so most of us turn to housesharing, shacking up with strangers so we can split the cost of living. It's better for our budget, but introduces us to a whole world of bizarre people you never knew existed. Like the guy who pissed into empty milk bottles next to his bed because he couldn't be bothered to walk to the bathroom. Just me then? Cool.

So we want to know, from your experience of living in London: what's your strangest housesharing experience? 

Share your stories with us anonymously below, and vent your flatmate fury. The best, most bonkers and totally bizarre stories will be picked to feature in the magazine. 

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