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‘Why don’t you answer my damn questions?’ Watch Judi Dench grill Daisy Ridley for ‘Star Wars’ spoilers

By Time Out Film

We’ve all got questions about the new Star Wars film ‘The Last Jedi'. Who are Rey’s parents? Why did Luke go into hiding? Is Rey the last Jedi, and if so, what about Luke? Or is ‘Jedi’ plural?

Now footage has turned up of Judi Dench interrogating Daisy Ridley for answers. ‘Have you been tested for Midichlorians? Are you the last Jedi?’ ‘What’s the deal with Rey-Lo?’

The clip turned up on the Twitter account of actor Josh Gad, who is shooting a new film of Agatha Christie's whodunit ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ with Ridley and Dame Judi. On behalf of Star Wars fans everywhere, he has been pestering Ridley for spoilers in recent weeks, and posting hilarious clips on her stony-faced replies on Twitter. So far she hasn’t cracked.

The latest clip opens with Ridley walking into Gad’s trailer, rolling her eyes and saying: ‘Josh, I'm not answering any of your Star Wars questions.’ He replies: ‘No Daisy. Your answering her Star Wars questions,’ and swivelling his camera to Dame Judi, in Star Wars fancy dress. Tantalisingly the video cuts off with Ridley agreeing to spill all: ‘Okay.’

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