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You said it: what you've been rating and hating online

By Time Out London editors

From rants about hipsters and bankers to your thoughts on the new 'Macbeth' film - here's our pick of this week's best comments from Time Out readers.

The biggest event of last week was the unveiling of the new 'Star Wars' trailer. Everyone was excited. EVERYONE. Right? Not everyone.

 'Who cares?' Robert Y via Facebook

Thanks, mate. The other really big news was that Fuckoffee, the profane coffee shop in Bermondsey, has been forced to change its name. One reader had a suggestion for a suitable alternative.

'"Coffee Cunts" has a better ring.' Tom W via Facebook

Elsewhere, we wrote about a new board game, 'Londoner', inspiring this stunning tirade. Apparently, one of the conditions of being a Londoner is that you have to be made of flour. What a loafly idea!

 'Wankers! Unless you're born and bread in London, you're not a Londoner. Hipsters and bankers have destroyed this city.' Nick W via Facebook

Comment of the week

We quite enjoyed the new 'Macbeth' film, giving it four stars. But it was not to Catherine's liking. She wants things a little saucier.

 'Thane of Cawdor to psycho in two seconds and Lady M lacking in enticement and passion. A quick shag doesn't do it.' Catherine M via Facebook

'A quick shag doesn't do it' should be Great Britain's new motto. It should be emblazoned on the royal crest; footballers should have it tattooed on their necks. It's a powerful statement.

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