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From the pioneers of underground immersive dining comes the ultimate night out for East London's food adventurers: Gingerline HQ. Part hideout, part parallel reality, Gingerline HQ is a clandestine and chameleon dining adventure held in a secret location along the East London Line (or 'ginger line', as they call it). The destination and concept is as mysterious as the menu. Visitors to their past adventures have been thrust into Siberian circuses, dived into submarine mess halls and descended into underground tunnels for Victorian banquets. To take part, hover near any station on the East London Line (London Overground stations between Highbury and Islington and Crystal Palace) at 6pm on the evening of your booking; you'll receive a text message telling you where to go. Once there, you'll be dined and delighted with a welcome cocktail, five courses of delicious seasonal cuisine and a piece of take-home menu art. After being treated to a night of fine food and unexpected pleasures, all diners will be sworn to keep the secrets of the Gingerline safe. Over-18s only.


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It is my second time in a Gingerline event. Secret island is fantasticly well presented and a great experience. Let down by the food and the overprice cocktails( though very creative flavours in the drinks)

I have been intrigued by the Gingerline for a while and thanks to Timeout, I was able to experience it for myself last Thursday - for free! Thanks Timeout and Sony! There was a lot of built up and it only added to the excitement of the event. Well planned, entertaining characters (actors and fellow diners). Though initially it did feel a bit like a school trip as we were split into groups. That was quickly dispelled as soon as the first drink arrived and everyone settled down to eat. The drinks were top notch and the whole evening was only let down by the food. Meagre portions, cold and first course was 2 cherry tomatoes wrapped in undercooked puff pastry! The design etc was superb though ad I loved the venue. I've lived jn Shoreditch for 3 years and have never felt so 'East London' as I did that night. I would really recommend it for taking a first or second date, you won't run out of things to say and if the date runs out of steam, there are probably other fishes in the cavernous arches of Haggerston!

Five reasons why you would enjoy a gingerline event: 1. Love for the unknown There is some thrill on things that are not planned, yet to be discovered. You will just know the date, and then little by little you will find out.. the reception venue, the hidden path to the dinning venue, the people, the food, the activities throughout dinner... 2. Meet the neighbours You can talk to a type people that are very different to you and that you may otherwise not interact with. I dined next to a theatre performer and a wine merchant. I work in the city so as you can imagine, this is quite a different conversation that from my last Christmas dinner! 3. Original food I consider myself a bit of a foodie and although I would not go to this event just for the food (you really come here for the experience), what I enjoyed about my meal is that it was very original both in terms of presentation and in mixing of flavours - if chili, raspberry, cardamom, pumpkin and chocolate... all in one dish sound intriguing, this event is definetely for you! 4. Randomness From a phone hidden in a chicken, to a hidden spy in a wheelie bin under a bridge... I do not think I need to explain much more on this one 5. It is temporary The fact that this all is a pop up makes it special and ephemerous, each theme event is different, a bit of London that not everyone would have the opportunity to know... so be fast or the opportunity will go!

I received a mysterious text message with an overground station name and a time in it. That's how my undercover night just started and that was just the beginning of a great night out. Finding the hideout following the clues of other agents on the ground was good fun. The venue was really unique (I would just say that you need to access via a secret door in a garage in East London!) and both food and drinks were top notch. Kudos to Gingerline HQ on the organisation and the entertainment, I absolutely recommend it!

One of the most unique dining experiences i've had my whole life. If you've been with a partner for a long time, or even a really old friend to be honest, and feel like something new is needed, This is definitely for you. I'm trying not to give away too much information, but, i guarantee that unless you and your guest are Mr & Mrs Smith you'll find this experience new, intriguing, fascinating and tasty.

What an amazing event! Everything was so well set up, I really felt like I was a secret agent for the night. Every detail was well thought out, from the presentation of the food, to the way they led us to the Hideout by giving us clues and mini missions to complete. It was a lot of fun and is something I've never experienced before. There was also an open bar with a great range of cocktails (loved the Pink Panthers!) and the staff were really attentive. There was never a dull moment with something happening between every course of the meal. Great work Gingerline HQ, keep it up!

What a fabulously nutty night out - we arrived at our secret London location and, after a few 'missions' arrived at our final destination at which point supper began to arrive, 4 courses of mouth wateringly delicious food - accompanied by two signature cocktails and some decent wine. In between each course there were a number of fun activities to get involved in and the evening went out with a bang, a perfect night out! Go go go

We had a very good time getting entertained, eating drinking and talking to other people. the whole night was organised nicely and staff where really giving their best performances!! In terms of food, it was delicious and nicely presented.. and drinks were just great and the fact that it was a free bar just made the whole night full of pure joy!! I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

A fantastic night of food, drink and performance. The theme for our event was secret agents and we had no idea what was in store when we rocked up for our initial 'breifing'. From then on we were immersed in a weird, and comic adventure that kept us guessing 'whats coming next' - the answer was great food, great interactive performance and a surpise twist at the end. Highly recommended

Had a very enjoyable time - would definitely recommend it! The food was top notch and the entertainment well thought out. People who are complaining about the price below, should really consider the amount of planning and effort that went in to such a well run operation! Some of the entertainment could have been a bit more inclusive but I found that if you wanted to get involved their was plenty of opportunity to do so! Also considering the amount of alcohol consumed, £50 was an absolute steal!

Loved everything about it. The place was beautifully put together- so quirky and inventive and lots of attention to detail. The food was delicious and unusual. I felt so happy in that twilight fairytale world that I didn't want to leave. Magical. It would be brilliant if there was live music and dancing afterwards- turning it into a longer and even more immersive experience!

Super food, great atmosphere and well worth the money! Loved it.

Went to Gingerline with friends recently and we couldn't recommend it enough - really don't understand the comments below although I did notice another link with much more positive reviews! The food was absolutely delicious and the time and effort put into every detail was remarkable. Performance wise, it's fun, quirky and interactive without the pressure to get involved if you just want to chat with friends. All in all a magical experience and we'll all come back again!!

Experience-wise, it was pretty good fun, although once you got past the initial 'wow, isn't this crazy!' thing, there wasn't much else to stay for. The food was pretty average, definitely not worth £50. The place was decked out like a super cool casino - even the dinner tables had roulette markings on them. I thought after dinner maybe we'd have some casino-like events, but not at all. Once dinner was over, we were encouraged to leave! The place looked amazing, the props were amazing, but it seemed a lot of effort for nothing as we didnt even get to use most of them! Worth going once, but unless they had a real re-think about what it is they're trying to do, I'm not sure I'd go again.

I agree with Jamie. The experience felt underwhelming, past its sell-by date and l wish I had spent my money elsewhere. It's also in an area of London without nightlife so don't go thinking you'll be able to have an easy drink nearby.