2020Vision Summer Warehouse Party with Andrés + Ralph Lawson

Ralph Lawson's 2020Vision, ever a bastion of high-quality, creative house and techno, returns for its third summer bash, which looks like it'll be stormer, as per. Detroit's master of refined, melodic house, Andrés (the man behind one of 2012's most-played tracks, 'New For U') is in charge of raising the dancefloor temperature to dangerous levels, and alongside him will be 2020 boss Lawson, who can delve into anything from house to electro to raw funk, UK house duo Audiojack, and bass/garage/disco/house innovator Ejeca to bring some lower frequencies into the mix. Get your party head on and bag a ticket, just don't expect your overworked pupils to have anything like 2020 vision by the time you leave a nine-hour warehouse rave.


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