Fleetmac Wood

Fleetmac Wood

Here at Time Out, we're big fans of Fleetmac Wood – a project dedicated to disco-leaning Fleetwood Mac re-edits which gave birth to Psychemagik's wonderful Crystal Vision rework of 'Dreams' – and we're not the only ones. Since launching in 2012, the FW crew have taken their stardust-speckled parties to tons of festivals and even to Los Angeles, as well as playing lots of great London shows. The parties feature only re-edits, remixes and original Fleetwood tracks (no covers) and have a delightfully spacey, fun vibe to them. Plus, you don't need to be a Fleetwood obsessive to enjoy them – they're open to all and incredibly fun.

Read an interview between Fleetmac Wood and Mick Fleetwood.


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