Fun Fridays


To be honest, you don't have to do a lot to make Fridays fun, what with them spelling the beginning of the weekend and all. However, the crew behind new Peckham night FF have gone the extra mile and created a nifty night with a cool concept: each week, a different club night or crew with a Peckham connection (taking place there or happening elsewhere by started by Peckham residents, say) will host a micro-version of its party at FF venue Lerryn's Cafe, giving people a one-off taster of the club night's vibe. It's a DJ-focused event, with numerous expert crate-diggers stopping by to spin some tunes, which could cover anything and everything – from house to jungle to disco to UK bass to jazz and more.

The launch night was hosted by 'Don't Fall Down', a roaming, psychedelic-flavoured club night, and future instalments will feature parties from Rye Wax Records (a Peckham Record shop who host monthly parties), Wayward Dance (run by Peckham local Adam Armitage) and more. An innovative, full-fat fun way of showcasing local talent and giving people a bloody good excuse to dance their way into the weekend. Hello, Fun Fridays!


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