The Goblin King's Annual Masquerade Ball

The Goblin King's Masquerade Ball

Time Out says

'Game of Thrones' fans and those who love a fantasy theme or just a bit of dressing up – your recurring wet dream has come to life, and it looks like a giant, masked goblin. Hot, eh? It's a wild, costume-heavy affair that takes its audience into 'a grim faerie tale world of the creatures only whispered about after dark, that do really lurk under your bed and not only in your imagination.' Oo-er, etc.

This weird and wonderful tale of goblins, nymphs, fairies and bizarre beasts is told through live music, DJs spinning freaky tunes, cabaret, performance, hidden experiences, interactive creatures, puppetry and art, so get creative with your costume (don't forget to make a mask) and run amok in the fantastical world that the organisers have created. For extra escapism, it's even set in a decommissioned nuclear bunker usualy used for laser tag. Decline the Goblin King's invitation at your peril! 



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