Trash at Paramount


Before all you nostalgic, of-a-certain-age clubbers get misty eyed at the thought of Erol Alkan's seminal electro/indie mashup party coming back – this ain't that. But it is an interesting concept all the same.

Taking place at Paramount, the swanky bar at the top of Totenham Court Road's skyscraper beacon, Centre Point, Trash is a new night that runs from 11.30pm on Saturday to all of 11.30am on Sunday, belting out house of all shapes and sizes from newbies and established DJs, in a 12-hour marathon sesh.

Launching the party will be deep house purveyor Mineo, formerly of Audio Bullys and with releases on Hypercolour and Hot Creations to his name, alongside Benson Herbert, Twiggy Garcia and ELP. If you fancy getting really, really high during your Saturday night clubbing session (in terms of altitude, of course), hit up Trash in its vertigo-inducing location and party with a prime panoramic view.


Event phone: 020 7420 2900
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