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Nish Kumar – Nish Kumar is a Comedian review

Underbelly, Bristo Square

© Idil Sukan Draw HQ

‘Who is Nish Kumar?’ was the title of, you guessed it, Nish Kumar’s debut solo show last year. He confidently answered the question with a delightful hour of stand-up. But just in case you’re still confused, he’s named this year’s show ‘Nish Kumar is a Comedian’.

You see, earlier this year, Kumar had his identity stolen. Not by credit card fraudsters or Melissa McCarthy, but by an anonymous group who used his promo picture as the face of an internet meme called ‘The Confused Muslim’. Kumar isn’t Muslim (he has an ‘ethnically ambiguous’ face), but that wasn’t the problem. He was definitely offended, but wasn’t quite sure why.

And so sparks a smart, gag-heavy show questioning identity, anonymity and what causes offense. Kumar’s really upped a gear this year – he’s still ‘a nice guy trying his best’, but the 27-year-old comic’s grown more passionate and thoughtful, and he has more to say.

The show’s essentially a collection of first-hand stories, and it’s wittily-written, with plenty of cracking punchlines woven into the tales. And although some topics feel a little familiar – British binge-drinking, disappointing his parents etc – he tackles them all with a great deal of skill.

Slick, sharp and with oodles of charm, Nish Kumar is a comedian, and a bloody good one at that.

See 'Nish Kumar – Nish Kumar is a Comedian' at the Edinburgh Fringe