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A mystery screening.

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Sarah G
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I couldn't help myself - I love Dirty Dancing and NEEDED to go to Secret Cinema. The tickets are expensive £65 for the cheapest. This one turned out to be way out in east London and getting back on a Sunday night was slightly fraught.

Overall I did really enjoy myself but only really because I do love the film and it was a lovely evening and I had a good companion. There were lots of irritants that for £65 a head i think should be sorted out. Eg having to queue for an hour just to get in. Don't get me started on the fact that the queue also wasn't monitored and so lots of people just bypassed the queue and went to the front. (Anti-social behaviour that drives me mad!)

The 'staff' at this one were completely unbothered and lackadaisical. Hardly any of them bothered with their character. There were queues for just about everything inside and stuff is pretty expensive. 

All that is annoying but I accept par for the course at something like this.

My biggest and the most inexcusable gripe is that the screen is not big enough and the sound was rubbish - this is basically a cinema screening  - not being able to see or hear the film properly is a pretty basic fail.

All that said  - would i go again  probably because I did love feeling the love (read obsession) with the movie from the audience. If you are a fan you'll love it - if you're not then I'd save your money!

Livvi AT

The best £50 you will spend in London, Secret Cinema really is an absolutely incredible experience and one of the capital's top events.

This year's Moulin Rouge was my first venture into Secret Cinema and I cannot believe I haven't been before. This films lends itself very well to this type of immersive event, as it is so theatrical and dramatic. Without wanting to ruin any surprises, the world which Secret Cinema have created in a grimy warehouse in East London is mesmerising. You will feel as if you have just been plonked in Montmatre in 1889.

There are different levels of tickets which determine which class of character you get. We opted for the cheapest and cheerful tickets, but I would highly recommend this option. The atmosphere down in pits is far more exciting and vibrant than the stuffy, aristocratic level.

After shelling out £50 for a ticket, you might be reluctant to then go and get yourself a costume to match your assigned character, but believe me, it is worth it! The costumes of everyone just adds to the magic, and if you rock up in your crumpled suit from work, you will be glared at- (yes, I was doing the glaring). 

With delicious themed cocktails and French style street food from gooey, salty raclette to sumptuous duck burgers, Secret Cinema has thought of everything to ensure you feel as far from modern day London as possible.

Top Tip: Get there as early as possible. The film doesn't start till later, but there is so much to see and experience, you will wish you had all the time in the world. 

Milena C

I recently went to the Moulin Rouge Secret Cinema and was blown away! Moulin Rouge is one of my favourite movies of all time and I would recommend Secret Cinema if you are a big fan of the movie shown, considering the price of the evening (ticket+costume+drink/food costed me £100 and I was on the cheap) it may not be worth it if you don't know the movie. Secret Cinema is another world, you really got to live in the world of the movie, you are assigned a character and you've got various missions to accomplish. We arrived at  6pm and the movie started playing around 9pm in an incredible room (no spoiler) with some live acting of the main scenes. Only downside? The actress portraying Kidman on stage was shockingly lacking presence making the live acting really less attractive.

Kishma S

My love affair with Secret Cinema started about 6 years ago when they were secret and cheap.

My first adventure was to an actual secret screening which turned out to be The Third Man which I had never heard of. I had immensely enjoyed the lead up to the event with the emails on dress code and the meeting point creating an amazing sense of anticipation. There is an element of risk if you book a secret film because when the film is finally revealed if you have no idea what it is it can be a bit of a WTF moment that brings you down.

Which is why I guess the immersive experiences where you know what the film is, are so popular.

However with popularity comes an increase in prices. A few years ago I did 3 Secret Cinemas in a year because they were all about £25 each so I could justify it. The cheapest tickets for Moulin Rouge (the current production) is £49 for mid week, standing only. Add on a costume and drinks /transport and a cheap night out it ain't.

However, my love of Secret Cinema remains strong. Every production has an incredible attention to detail and evokes a sense of awe and wonderment that you won't want the night to end.

Tara P

I have always been dubious about the hefty ticket prices for Secret Cinema - I wish I'd gone back when it was lesser known and more affordable - so I was holding out for a film I really loved. Dirty Dancing was that film, and I booked without much hesitation. 

Following negative reviews and tales of long queuing in the opening weekend I was worried. There was a reason I'd chosen the second weekend, and luckily they'd had time to iron out the kinks. However, at the prices they're charging this shouldn't happen - perhaps they should invest in some more soft openings.

On the night I was blown away by the atmosphere, immersion and attention to detail: what a brilliant experience! The actors put their all into their roles, and it was one of the most different and original events I'd experienced, with constant surprises. Being without your phone is so liberating, and it truly felt like an old fashioned holiday, with the sunny weather to match. 

I had a fantastic time, but I still feel that with the price and logistics issues, Secret Cinema is a bit of an expensive risk. However, if it pays off you can truly have the time of your life!

Shona R

I've been going to secret cinema now for 3 years and I have very mixed feelings!

The first year was great.  Tickets weren't too expensive.  Production was fantastic and the actors were so entertaining and immersive that you felt part of the movie.... so much so that when it came time to watch the movie, I had forgotten that was the point of the night!

Recently, they've increased their scale and budget size (understandably) as the demand for tickets keeps growing.  But with this expansion has come a lack of personality, experience and the magic is lost.  Not to mention the price has now gone up to a hefty £85 for the cheapest ticket!  If it wasn't for a friend getting me a ticket this year, I would have given it a miss.  Whilst it was an enjoyable evening, they need to scale back down a little so that it doesn't end up feeling like you're queuing to be part of the experience - and you lose your suspension of disbelief.

I guess there will always be those die-hard fans that will buy a ticket to films they know (hello star wars success!) but it originally started as a great way of introducing people to some of the greatest classics (miller's crossing, shawshank redemption).

Tiago Almeida

This with regards to Secret Cinema version of Tell no one, running in the beginning of 2016.

My first experience with Secret Cinema was with Star Wars and I can easily say that it blew my mind.

I was thriving for a similar experience and when they announced this Tell no one version I quickly bought my ticket.

Unfortunately for me this version was a complete disappointment.

I won't say the name of the movie but I'm sure that no one was able to find out what it was.

The sets were not nearly as good as the one created for Star Wars and even the food was mediocre.

I seen loads of people falling asleep and many others leaving before the end.

If I had known I wouldn't have spent so much money on the ticket, in fact I wouldn't have gone at all...

With regards to the movie; it's a good film, I'm just not sure if it deserves a Secret Cinema version...

ashley c

Its difficult to write a review on secret cinema without giving too much away. However this years event is fantastic, the effort and production value the team have put in is amazing. Whilst initially you might be slightly cringey and embarrassed within 5 minutes you've become fully immersed and will have the time of your life. I've heard folks moan about the ticket price to watch a movie. This is not watching a movie! Its closer to going to the theatre and the ticket prices are justified given the amazing night you will have.