Leslie Jordan on gay men and their mothers

The pint-sized comic actor is back in a new one-man show

Best known for playing Beverley Leslie in the US sitcom 'Will & Grace', Leslie Jordan hits the West End next week in a new one-man show, 'Fruit Fly', that asks why gay men turn into their mothers. Here's how he knew it was happening to him.

You look like her
'I received my new driving licence in the post. There she was, staring back at me - my mother! One look in the mirror confirmed that I am actually beginning to look like her.'

You sound like her
'I share my apartment with two straight boys. They were using the bathroom and leaving the door open, stinking up the entire place. So I sat them down to explain the "gay man's way" of going to the bathroom. I told them it was rude to let it float there and fester: "No one wants to smell someone else's business!" I stopped myself, my mother ringing in my ears: "Dear, it's best to dab, not rub, when doing Big Things!"'

You act like her
'All those years of "Stand up, Leslie, when a lady approaches the table" paid off. My manners are impeccable. I don't see this in the younger generation, so if I am becoming my mother, maybe it's not such a bad thing.'