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'A Perfect Contradiction', the original record sleeve
1. Passion of the Christ Paloma Our first Paloma is channelling serious Jesus vibes, all wrapped up in her bed sheet. The inspiration here is Caravaggio’s ‘The Entombment of Christ’, but who knows, maybe this Paloma just took too many muscle relaxants while napping in the buff. Avenues of interpretation are endless here.
2. Little Mermaid Paloma Holding Passion of the Christ Paloma is Little Mermaid Paloma, who is looking at this legged creature before her with much confusion. Maybe she’s just worried about dropping her because those legs look very oily. Either way, the scaly teal dress and perfect mermaid hair are on point.
3. Nineteenth-Century Seductress Paloma My personal favourite of the Palomas. Sporting tousled curls, sky-high pumps and a lingerie robe set, this Paloma looks simultaneously hot and distraught, which is no easy feat. I’d imagine this Paloma is crying after being pulled away from her secret lover who’s being sent to the gallows or something.
4. Equestrian Dominatrix Paloma This incarnation of Paloma means business – she looks like she whups butts with that combined hat and… uh, riding crop. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the headwear. She would definitely have trouble clearing some doorways, but talk about multi-functional. Pop that off and you’ve got a trusty flogger to ward off troublesome characters. A Paloma not to be messed with.
5. Phantom of the Opera Paloma If Kanye styled his own interpretation of ‘Phantom of the Opera’, it would probably look like this. This Paloma is clearly way too cool to be seen with her clones and instead prefers to go incognito with that mask. Even her pyjamas are made of white leather.
6. Scene-Stealing Sun Queen Paloma Certainly the most high maintenance of the bunch, this Paloma raises a lot of questions. Most importantly: is she feigning surprise, or does she have a headache from that heavy headdress? Whenever the Palomas get ready together, she totally hogs the mirror.

WTF is going on with Paloma Faith's album cover?

The sleeve for 'A Perfect Contradiction' features not one, not two, but six Paloma Faiths. We take a closer look…

By Amalia Graziani
London’s favourite glamourpuss goofball Paloma Faith is getting ready to drop her third LP, ‘A Perfect Contradiction’. Designed by fashion photographer David Standish, the record sleeve depicts six different Palomas. But who are they, and what does it all mean? We zoomed in on all six to find out more.
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