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Five new albums to soundtrack your weekend

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Time Out London Music

Another week, another stash of albums to enjoy. Here are five choice picks to give your weekend a sonic lift, now get listening!

The Libertines – ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’


If you struggled to keep your trilby on while bopping to jaunty guitar bands in the early noughties, then the familiar sound of a certain duo’s harmonies will warm your cockles. Pete and Carl (plus the other two) are back with their first LP in over a decade, and it’s a delightful time warp. The lads are still pumped with urgency, slurring in cockney overtones about now-defunct club nights and the Camden scene, and their riffs recall a time when the word ‘jangly’ was banned from the Time Out office. Their style is dated now, certainly, but it’s still bloody heartening to have The Libs back.
Danielle Goldstein

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Max Richter – ‘From Sleep’


Restrained, ‘tasteful’ and a little bit dull: neoclassical music is one big yawnfest, or so say its detractors. Ironically, yawning is exactly what acclaimed British composer Max Richter is hoping to achieve with ‘Sleep’, an eight-hour neoclassical lullaby to be listened to in bed (but not like that). ‘From Sleep’ is the nap edit: an hour-long version with warm electronic pulses, arcing strings and insistent piano and vocal melodies. Never mind the cynics: sweet dreams are made of this.
Michael Curle

Dam-Funk – ‘Invite the Light’


It’s difficult to write about LA producer Dam-Funk, without repeating the word ‘funk’ a lot. But it does drill home just how seriously Dam-Funk takes his funk. His latest LP boasts an impressive list of collaborators – Snoop Dogg, Ariel Pink, Q-Tip – add their own flair to Funk’s stoned, synth-soaked jams that flit maniacally between electro-boogie, hip hop, R&B, weird, spacey jams and pure silky… funk. It might not scream out for repeated listens, but it’s an enjoyably funky ride. Funk.
Tristan Parker

Miley Cyrus – ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’


Forget Hannah Montana, Robin Thicke and ‘Wrecking Ball’: here’s what you need to know about the surprise new LP from Miley Cyrus. It’s 90 minutes and 23 tracks long. It’s a trippy collab with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. It contains some seriously NSFW sex jams and a Snoop-worthy number of weed mentions. It includes an elegy for her dead dog Floyd and a weepy ballad about a blowfish who got turned into sushi. It’s bloated, self-indulgent and occasionally cringey – but never boring. A couple of tracks are up with the best of 2015. And it’s all free on Soundcloud. What are you waiting for?
James Manning

Fidlar – ‘Too’


Like four drunk-and-disorderly history teachers, on their second album the LA skater bros rampage through the sounds of their Californian punk forefathers: Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, Green Day, Weezer, Blink-182… But ‘Too’ isn’t just referential: it’s eclectic, ferocious, brash and sly, full of studio tricks and yell-along refrains. Dudes are smarter than your average three-chord wonders.
James Manning

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