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Clapham Sainsbury’s is trialling a new checkout-less system that means you don’t have to queue

Lisa Wright

There are several spheres of hell reserved solely for the supermarket shopping experience.

Either you wait for ages stuck behind a family of nine buying enough provisions for a nuclear fallout when you just want a packet of crisps, or risk the self-scan checkouts and the particular pleasure of having to call over an assistant to clear an error code after Every. Single. Item.

As far as stress-free shopping trips go, neither option fills us with the joys of Spring.

Now, however, a branch of Sainsbury’s in Clapham (because of course it’s in Clapham…) is trialling an alternative. Shoppers will be able to use Apple Pay to scan items as they go before paying on their phones and waltzing off – without so much as a bagging area in sight.

For now, the trial is just confined to one branch – by Clapham North Station FYI – but the supermarket chain is hoping that the system will be implemented in more locations over the coming months.

So if you’re a misanthrope with the munchies, then this could be what you’ve been waiting for.

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