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Everything you need to know about Flying Ant Day 2022

Here's hoping that it’s nothing like the 1978 film ‘The Swarm’

Written by
Ellie Muir

Every year, a massive invasion of flying ants appears across the country.

This phenomenon is known as Flying Ant Day, but it’s a bit confusing — the dates change and it isn’t always just one day either.

Swarms of these big-winged ants are most common in the hotter months of July and August, and with ants reportedly causing chaos across London today, it looks as though Flying Ant Day 2022 might have just begun.

What is Flying Ant Day?

Scientifically referred to as nuptial flight, the flying ants leave their nests and the virgin queens mate with the male ants before starting new colonies.

During this migration, it’s common to see giant black clouds of swarming flying ants across the country, reminiscent of the haunting 1978 horror film, ‘The Swarm’.

The queens will mate with the strongest males, before landing and starting their own colonies at a new location.

Appearing in flocks, the ants can be seen not only swooping through the skies but crawling across pavements. Though harmless, these insects can be pretty pesky, finding their way into peoples home or creeping inside their clothing. Does anyone else feel itchy?

When is it?

It is believed that Flying Ant Day 2022 started today, on July 8, when the beasties could be seen up and down the country, but its unconfirmed when the flight will end.

So shut your windows, stay alert and watch out for the cheeky flying ants.

Anyone got a spare hazmat suit we can borrow?

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