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Palm Vaults now does ‘glitter coffee’ because… of course it does

Kitty Drake
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Kitty Drake

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If you’re inside Palm Vaults and you are *not* taking a selfie, you are either, a) staging some kind of a protest against millennial culture, or, b) lost. A free-from café with a branch in Hackney and one in Soho’s fashionable Fiorucci store, everything and everyone here is photogenic. Which is why the news that Palm Vaults now serves glitter coffee is not that surprising. 

Glitter coffee launched last weekend (Saturday November 18) and it’s only available in Soho for now (yup, that’s the sound of every Hackney-dwelling woman with an iPhone crying). Any hot beverage on the Palm Vaults menu is ripe for vajazzling (our term not theirs) you just have to pay an extra £1.50. Money well spent, surely?

Glitter coffee is available at Palm Vaults café Fioruccino, the Fiorucci store, 39 Brewer St, W1F 9UD.

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Photo by: Josie Roonan

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