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This Espresso Martini garden bar is in full bloom in London

Written by
Laura Richards

It’s everybody’s favourite pick-me-up (caffeine plus vodka: what’s not to love?), and now the Espresso Martini is being paired with a pretty plant-filled setting to make it even more of an in-demand drink. The Ketel One Espresso Martini Garden launched last week within B&H Buildings and will be serving the coffee-filled cocktails until the end of November – from classic versions of the drink to a chocolate orange twist and even a caffeine-free number. 

But there’s more to this good-looking bar than meets the eye. It’s hoping to raise awareness around coffee waste while it simultaneously fuels its guests.  

ketel one espresso martini garden bar

Photograph: Cunningham Captures

Spent coffee from each cocktail will go into compost for the indoor garden, and customers who order two classic Espresso Martinis will receive a free KeepCup to encourage sustainable practices in their own homes (and sneaking Espresso Martinis on to the tube, perhaps?). The bar will also be putting on sustainability workshops and cocktail master classes during its stint in B&H Buildings.    

ketel one espresso martini garden bar

Photograph: Cunningham Captures

The boozy indoor garden will also have a garnish station, so visitors can dress their Espresso Martini as prettily as the room in which they’ll be sipping it. Time to flex your green fingers.  

The Ketel One Espresso Martini Garden is at B&H Buildings, 42 Northampton Rd, EC1R 0HU until the end of November. 

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