I=U FESTIVAL Oxford Laptop Orchestra

Music, Classical and opera Free

Quest Ensemble kick off the final night of the festival with their original works, composed through collaborative composition.

Next, Oxford Laptop Orchestra, fresh from their recent London debut at Hack the Barbican. OxLork will be performing original works as well as delving into a collaboration with an i=u instrumentalist.

Violinist and songsmith Eugene Feygelson is joined by various artists in a performance of his original compositions and exploratory sonic experiments.

London's up-and-coming 12 ensemble present a program of Arvo Pärt and Benjamin Britten. Members of 12 ensemble joins a large group of i=u artists and audience members led by Bobby Mitchell in a closing performance of Federic Rzewski's 'Moutons de Panurge'.

(i=u festival celebrates musical improvisation with dance, art, theatre and film.)


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