Sonata Movements

Music, Classical and opera
Although classical music does occasionally crop up in theatrical pieces, it usually has a supporting function. In this unusual production, however, in which four theatre pieces are interwoven with piano works by classical composers, music and the spoken word play equal, fully integrated roles. The result is simultaneously an evening of theatre and a recital. The plays are Caryl Churchill's 'Abortive'; Kenneth Emson's 'Other People's Gardens'; T.S. Eliot's 'Portrait of a Lady'; and Chekhov's 'Swan Song'. The music programme, meanwhile, is Schubert's Piano Sonata, D 960 Mv 1; Chopin's Nocturne, Op 9 No 2; Ballade No 2; and Prelude in E minor; Prokofiev's Sonata, Op 28 and Beethoven's Sonatas (last movements) – Op 31, No 3; Op 53; Op 57; and Op 81a). Jude Christian directs and the pianist is An-Ting Chang.


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