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This airy white space off hip and happening Bellenden Road attracts a mixed crowd of well-to-do locals, including those in pushchairs. There’s a pleasant courtyard garden at the back and the rear room is shared with an open kitchen, where you can observe ham hocks being boiled, chickens roasted, tarts baked, salads prepared and fish griddled – all of which creates an atmosphere of good, fresh food being whipped up by chefs who know what they’re doing.

Breakfasts are served until a very forgiving 2pm (3pm at weekends) and involve thick-cut toast piled high with bacon, mushrooms, eggs and other favourites. Sandwiches are made with sourdough from local Brickhouse Bakery, and although the wait for a sausage roll to be heated up was interminable, it did arrive with an apology, and was succulent and flaky in all the right places.



Venue name: Anderson & Co
Address: 139 Bellenden Road
SE15 4DH
Transport: Tube: Peckham Rye rail or bus 12, 37, 63, P13
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If you're looking for a coffee shop that specialises in really annoying staff (the owner's daughter now works in there, and she is without a doubt the most annoying person in the entire universe) and attracts some of the most annoying customers such as wannabe posh tw*ts, unwashed arty types, and not so yummy mummy's with their ridiculously large prams and badly behaved kids, then this is the place for you. Avoid like the plague.

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I've been coming to this cafe on and off since it's opened. I wished it's true that it has changed - for the better. As others noted, (still) terrible service - scatty staffs, and even worse, rude owner (and her daughter, who loves to chat so much with her annoyingly loud voice, that she often ignores the queue that is forming). Unfortunate, as the salad and food is good. There are many other much nicer cafes around, like Petitou, Aneto & Viva. If you just want to get bread, go to the General Store across the street.

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Scatty, rude owner. Shouted at me for asking for sauce.

Try 'Milkwood' (Herne Hill), Petitou (which is just round the corner from andersons), and Bambuni (Nunhead), Trio (Bellenden road) and Lerryns.


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Independent. Amazing coffee. Good food. But like so many others on here, awful service. Made to feel like a pain for being a customer - the latest (and last) time was getting told off for daring to order more than two pastries to take away. I'll spend my cash in one of the other 5 great cafes nearby thanks.

Open every day, epic breakfasts, good lunches, amazing coffee and great cakes

I see a few comments about poor service - something must have changed! Ive been coming here for the past year every week or so to work. Unlike most of the "hip" cafes in peckham, the staff here seem to know service. They are friendly and accommodating, and generate a relaxed atmosphere.  You never feel awkward sitting there working on your laptop with a single cup of tea for an hour. The coffee is good, sometimes very very good, and the food is very good. 


Nice place to come for brunch. The scrambled eggs and bacon were great but coffee was so-so. It can get quite hot in the kitchen area so it was nice to dine in the chilled out courtyard. Well, it was chilled out until a group of young'uns disrupted the peace with their loud, awful-to-the-point-of-hilarity conversations. 


Somewhere between a Cafe and a Restaurant, Anderson & Co is found on Bellenden road, a small road to the back of Peckham Rye with a great selection of shops/Cafe's. It is a thoroughly enjoyable spot for a light meal and a few drinks. Inside is slightly cramped but there is a small outside area out-back and a couple of tables out the front.

I have only been twice so can't really comment on the service, although both times I visited I found the service to be fine. The food is very good but a little overpriced. I recommend the Peckham Burger, with beef from the 'Flock & Herd Butchery' found a few steps up the street. 


Not sure I can agree with all the complaints about the service - I've always found the staff to be attentive and friendly. A nice little spot for brunch, especially if you can bag a shot in the garden during summer. 


The lay out of the place means people standing at the counter waiting for take outs keep hitting people at the tables with their bags.One person sat at a table for 4 in the window for over an hour with just a coffee.Why have WI fi in such a small cafe that needs a quick turn around due to limited space.

No out back the day we went as work was being done and large chunks of metal kept being carried past counter placed food and over customers heads!! What about doing it when you're closed?

Staff monosyllabic and smile free ,more at une to Librarians.

Food expensive,pea soup watery and unappetising as was dry white bread accompaniment.

Will not be returning,thanks.

 Very good food, but a bit pricey.  The breakfasts are excellent, though.  Never had a problem with the service, really, find the owner and the other staff quite pleasant, if generally quite busy.  

The first time I went to Anderson & Co I was not very impressed with the attitude and service that was given to me but not being quick to judge I have gone back several times since and have gotten to know the owner and her staff. The food is hands down the best food you will find in Peckham or the surrounding areas, the menu is frequently updated and always has interesting flavours and new combinations that you would never think of and the cake display just makes you want to dive yourself in the entire thing! But the one negative I find in the entire place is you have to keep going back as the menu is updated weekly and you just want to try everything! 

Rubbish bordering on rude service, average food. Nice bread though (if taking away).

I also experienced terrible, rude service here. I went there for breakfast and to do some work on my laptop - they provide free wifi so surely they expect people to do this? My laptop battery was low so I asked if I could plug it in and was directed to a socket next to my table by a member of staff. A short while later another member of staff told me that "they don't allow people to use the electricity". I asked why and was told that this means people stay for too long. When I commented that buying food and drinks and working on laptops is what people normally do in coffee shops, I was told that "it is what people do in Starbucks". Whatever people might think about Starbucks and tax, it is a massively popular chain of coffee shops with excellent customer service and Anderson & Co. could learn something from them. I want to support local shops but Anderson & Co. don't make it easy. I had a very negative experience there and I won't be going back.

Supremely unhelpful, unattentive and with an arrogance verging on the sheer nasty. I have been in on about half a dozen occasions spaced out over the last couple of years. Why so infrequent? Because I always leave exasperated and always think after a while I'll give them another chance, and the result is always the same. I now will not be back. They are consistently dismissive of their customers and more than once I've walked out without being able to make a purchase because I've not had any service. The tea is good, but if buying in bags of 50 it is marked up a scandalous 20%, and teapigs is already very expensive. Go online or on Amazon and get it for the RRP. I would also echo the prior reviews of the coffee. Really bad! I support independent traders to the hilt, but ones like this simply do not deserve to survive.

We go to andersons regularly for brunch and have done for a couple of years. I have not experienced the poor service other write about - the place is very laid back so it isn't restaurant like service but it is an incredibly chilled out place. The pea and ham soup and the beef sandwich are the best I've ver had, coffee is almost always good. Scrambled egg with their home made ham is incredible.

I so want to love this place. It is conveniently close to my flat, has free wifi and a pretty little garden. But the coffee is dreadful. Seriously dreadful. It's so bad that last time I got a takeaway coffee from there I ended up tipping it down the sink: it tasted like the coffee machine hadn't been cleaned out in days, and was so weak and watery - I would have had a nicer cup if I'd just made instant at home. Won't be going back, very disappointed.

A mecca for beardy, trendy types who like to exhibit themselves but the food is fairly decent.

TERRIBLE service. A real shame as the hot drinks, cakes and brunch's are lovely but the staff just don't want to interact with he customers. Horrible atmosphere.

Anderson's is the most local of our local cafes (of which there are now about 5) in our neighbourhood so I often pop in there out of convenience as its just across the road. Despite the drinks and food being perfectly nice (the hot chocolate is in fact lovely) the staff are just not cut out to work in hospitality/catering. They repeatedly fail to acknowledge you as you wait in the rather confusing queue (people waiting to order/people waiting to pay/waiting to collect takeaway coffees etc..), never smile, don't offer any helpful advice if what you were after has sold out ETC. ETC. ETC. On the one hand, the management's to blame as there should be one member of staff taking orders, another member of staff making the hot drinks and 1 or 2 waiters relaying info to the kitchen, taking orders to tables and keeping the place in check. A tray would go a long way as drinks are carried out one by one... Painful to watch! Glasses of tap water are ALWAYS forgotten - jugs perhaps?! The croissants/pain au chocolats seem to sell out before 9am - order more! Its a shame as the design of the place is fab, the menu and homemade cakes are great but as a customer you feel like a burden rather than the reason the cafe exists...and some how continues to do so. God knows how. I recommend Cafe Viva or Melange (The chocolate shop) over this place EVERY TIME!

The cakes are fantastic (especially the courgette cake) and it is certainly our number one place for bread in the area. However, the attitude of the staff is poor. They do not smile or welcome you and are often quite rude (especially, it seems, when you bring your children). The staff who take the time to speak with you often do so with a touch of arrogance. Such a shame.

Chillingly unwelcome reception-ignored for 5 minutes whilst standing at the counter waiting to be served. Then dialogue can only be described as terse. A sigh was added when asked for some pepper for my sister's sandwich- what a chore! Will never go there again! And I'm even spending the time writing this-it was sooo bad!!!

Food is nice but WORST service ever. Slow, rude...such a waste of a potentially nice place.

Had a delicious lunch there yesterday and left with a very nice bit of aged Gouda and a jar of mustard fruits! Where else in Peckham can you do that? It's smart inside without being overly smart, the lady that runs it is evidently passionate about good food and friendly. I can see it becoming a fairly regular haunt.

i came across this cafe a few weeks ago before reading the review and decided to check it out as it looked really nice. between me and my fiance we had a few flat whites and hot chocolates, an asian chicken main with rice, and a courgette cake. everything was really delicious - my fiance was very sceptical about the cake but agreed it was great. the prices were really reasonable as well, i think it was around £10 total. we were actually walking down the street as we're considering moving to the area, and if i lived nearby i would definitely come here frequently!

Delicious, well cooked, good quality food. Very good value.

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