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An indoor, street food night market set in a 2,500 capacity warehouse in Canada Water.

The largest of two all-year-round London venues from street food market giants Street Feast, Hawker House is open every Friday and Saturday night from 5pm until midnight, and plays host to a rotating line-up of 12 global food stalls and eight bars. The expansive open-plan space is set across two levels: on the ground floor there are long trestle tables and plenty of mixed seating, with the assorted food stalls arranged around the edges; upstairs you'll find drinks vendors, plus more seating.

Food options are varied, and include vegan tacos from the highly rated Club Mexicana, fried chicken from Mother Clucker, and seafood from the excellently named Prawnography. Drink options look equally good: there’s a Whisky Bar offering over 50 varieties and a game of Whisky Roulette (£8 a spin), plus a ‘secret’ bar called The 86, which you enter via a hidden door.

The atmosphere is bustling, with a resident DJ every night and graffiti decorating the walls, but the vibe is family-friendly, the spaciousness of the warehouse making Hawker House one of Street Feast’s more relaxed venues. During the winter it's completely covered and heated, but in the summer Hawker House gains ‘The Land of Bamboo’, an extra 1,000 capacity outdoor area with sandpits, trampolines, tiki huts and a firepit. Entry is free before 7pm, £3 afterwards, and the venue accepts both cash and card.


Event website: http://www.streetfeastlondon.com/where/hawker-house
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Paul C
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Staff Writer

As a local resident of Canada Water, i'm delighted that there's something like this has come to the area! Despite knowing the location, i'll have to admit, it was quite difficult to find as it wasn't well signposted. 

When you get inside, it's a different story though, lot's of cool street feast stalls and a good selection of bars, serving different types of craft beers, cocktails etc. We had the Lobster Grilled Cheese from Bob's Lobster and it was divine! 

All in all, i'm definitely going to take advantage of it being in the area, it'll be a cool place to chill out with some friends.

Tiago Almeida
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Thursday I received an email with the subject:

“Hawkers House is BACK!”

I knew immediately that I had to go back there this weekend.

The first time I had visited was last year when Time Out London invited the Tastemakers for a preview party and I absolutely loved it. It had an amazing atmosphere, good music but most importantly the incredible street food without forgetting the drinks.

So I convinced my friend Brad to join me.

Getting there he was very keen to start with ‘Yum Bun’ – they describe themselves as “Irresistibly soft, squishy steamed buns, filled to bursting with a choice of far-out fillings.”

So we got two buns to share - Pork Bun & Duck Bun

We both agreed that it was really really good – In fact by the end of the evening Brad went back for more.

Next we went to get drinks. From my first visit I remember enjoying a fruity sweet cocktail called ‘Hawker Smash’ so I knew exactly what I wanted.

We then walked around trying to decide what to try next. We came across a place called ‘Prawnography’ that was selling fried prawns.

Also a van selling ‘Lobster Mac & Cheese’ and ‘Crab Rolls’ by B.O.B. Lobster

Although we were both curious it didn't convince us.

We kept looking until we found ‘Petare— Venezuelan Street Food

Being a fan of South American food this was a perfect choice for me.

Once again we decide to order two to share – we went for ‘Pabellon’ and ‘Pollito Pio’.

As with the ‘Yum Bun’ they were absolutely incredible and full of flavours — a mixture between a Burrito and Tacos — in fact they were my favourites.

But we weren’t done yet and we kept looking and decided to stop by ‘Smokestak

This time we both agreed to go for one ‘Pulled Pork Bun’ each – once again it was absolutely delicious.

By the end we were both pretty full but like two greedy kids we decided that we could go for one more run. Brad went for his winner ‘Yum Bun’ and I went back to mine - ‘Petare

Clancy R
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I was sure I'd been to Hawker House somewhere in East London and queued and shivered for hours before gaining entry.. My experience this time could't have been further from this! So many magnificent morsels and delectable delights all under one roomy roof with even a selection of seats to choose from! I'll be back time and time again!

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Staff Writertastemaker

Great new little venue and brilliant addition to the area. The site is absolutely massive and all indoor which is great as some of the other Street Feast venues can get a little chilly at night.

The food selection is good and lots of the Street Feast classic vendors seem to be back (tiny criticism maybe a bit safe of a selection if anything, but all gooduns!)

The real jewel in the crown is the upstairs lounge bar, it’s a little like an old hotel bar, low lights, quieter, comfy seating and good cocktail menu. Much classier than previous SF sites and would be great to host a party at. Downstairs there are DJs and plenty of seating, really easy and relaxed atmosphere!

All round thumbs up and cant wait to go back.

Ray D
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I'm not normally one for crowds, eating standing up or going to Canada Water, so when my friend suggested this I was a bit like "you know I'm really not sure about this at all" but then I went and actually the food was really tasty and you could sit down and the space is quite big and fun and Canada Water isn't even that bad. Of the food I remember, there was some buttermilk chicken in a bun thing that was great, the ribs place looked amazing but forgot to get some ribs, which is my fault, beer selection was good if a bit overpriced, but that's everywhere these days amirite lads? 

Overall, this was plenty of fun and I'd probably go again.

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A random warehouse, five minutes from Canada Square station, holds a huge venue of food and drink! Street Feast has brought their street food friends to SE London, and there were so many options to choose from. There were Korean pancakes (Busan), Chargrilled Venezualan stuffed cornbreads, Meringues, Pizza Sliders, Tandoori Naan Sliders (Rola Wala), Jerk Meats (White Men Can't Jerk), steamed baos stuffed, butter fried chicken or spit roast pork belly (Spit & Roast), pulled pork and brisket and pork/beef ribs (Smokestak), Lobster Grilled Cheese (BOB Lobster), and many, many more! If you would like to meet up with friends, have a drink and eat food, definitely consider Hawkers House, there's something for everyone!


This place is awesome!! I don't live around Canada Water area and been the with a friend last weekend, will surely go back! The atmosphere is nice and so many drinks/type of food you can choose from!


I love everything Street Feast does! This place is awesome, although it is in a location I have to go slightly out of my way to get there I think I actually prefer this place to Dinerama.

It is really big and open, and doesnt even feel like you are inside because the ceilings are so high. The food is great, the drinks are great! Its an awesome place to come in a group and all eat different things, I try to go to here or dinerama at least once a month because I enjoy them so much!

The food vendors rotate and change, but I have had a variety of good food here, including some delicious mini pizzas. 

Every time I have been it has not been anywhere near as busy as Dinerama either which is a nice change. It also has some pool tables upstairs which is a nice addition.


Living so close to Hawker House, it was definitely on my list of places to visit as it is home to some of my favourite street food purveyors (Club Mexicana, Yum Bun, Chin Chin Labs etc). However, whilst the food was -as always- delicious, I don't think the vibes for me.

Street food is a concept that works for me when I need something portable or quick to eat, however, in the surroundings of Hawker House, I mostly felt uncomfortable. Most of my time was spent queuing for food or walking round to try and find one of the uncomfortable, plastic chairs on offer to sit on. This is not how would want to spend time relaxing with friends, especially as the acoustics mean that it's almost impossible to hear anything. 

Good for someone looking for a one stop pilgrimage to their favourite street food suppliers, bad for anyone looking for an after work socialising spot.


A friend won tickets to one of Hawker House’s VIP nights and took me along last Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever set foot in Canada Water and, other than a really nice looking café that we walked past – unsurprisingly named Canada Water café, there really isn’t much going on. However, Hawker House is tucked away around a corner not far from the station and it’s definitely worth a visit. With two huge warehouses converted into pop up bars and restaurants, the first description that came to mine was a small, indoor Glastonbury with a lot less mud! With a selection of beer pong and pool tables there is also a small stage where a two man band where playing some jazzy songs – the vibe is just great.

With rows of long sharing tables surrounding indoor heaters it’s a great place to spend a Friday night with friends. Onto the food, they have just about everything from Mother Clucker and HotBox to Steamed Buns and Rola Wala. Be warned cheesy fries does not ben cheesy fries, it means chucks of fried cheese! With a wide selection of bars including a whisky, wine and multiple cocktail bar there is enough alcohol to fuel a great but for those with a wristband I’d have to recommend the gin bar. Serving what feels like every gin with a selection of unusual tonics the bartenders know they stuff and will happily let you try before you buy. You can pay on card too – a great but dangerous thing as each drink will set you back between £7-8. For those with a bit more cash there is gin bingo, need I say more!


If I could give one piece of advice to anyone visiting Hawker House – or any of the Street Feast venues – it would be to skip lunch! My visit count must be in double digits by now and I'm still discovering amazing places to eat, drink and be merry. This time around was scallops at Prawnography followed by hot wings and jerk fries at White Men Can't Jump. You can't really go wrong with a pun-based eatery!

Laura M

Finally got round to trying out hawker house having sampled the delights of some of the other street food markets that London has to offer. Was pleasantly surprised to find that it was an indoor market especially during this cold weather! There are also so many food stalls on offer, being a veggie I'm usually quite limited with choices when eating out unless specifically planning ahead but was pleasantly surprised to find lots of options available to me! I tried some Peruvian food and Indian whilst there and my friend tried the oysters which were amazing apparently! Having a couple of free pints courtesy of having a Time Out Black card made the evening even better! :-)

Samantha H

Street Feast has done it again! An amazing indoor venue bringing together great bars and street food! As people have mentioned in other reviews it can be a little difficult to find, however Google maps took me there from the station easily so you don't have to walk the dark streets completely lost!  Hawker House is a lot bigger than some of the other SF set ups and I was pleased to see that they had increased the number of seats available! We arrived at 6.30, it was busy but no more than 3 people in front of us at any of the vendors which was great.  Closer to 7pm it definitely got a lot busier!!! They charge £3 entry from 7pm so I think a larger number of people try and get in before that.  If you want to get a table that you can chill at for the evening I would suggest arriving before 6pm.  So the most important part....food....We had:

Yum Bun - pork buns are to die for!  they are always the first thing I have whenever I visit Street Feast.  Always divine!!! 

Breddos Taco - The fish taco was again great.  The fish was flaky and flavourful! 

Petare - this was a new one for me and definitely a new favourite!  We had the chicken and beef arepas with a size of Yukka fries.  Incredible!!! every mouthful was bursting with flavour.  I would have been happy to eat only from here for the evening and have one of everything!

SmokeStak - Beef Short Rib....ahh the beef.  It literally melted in your mouth!  The chillis offered a bit of spice but the meat itself was beautifully cooked and seasoned!  Could definitely share this one between 2! It is massive!

For drinks I originally started at the main but but quickly moved over to the American Craft beer stall and the helpful guys there were happy to offer a beer paired with whichever dish I had just purchased.  Great service!

Overall, Hawker house is a definitely winner if you like a relaxed style of dining with loads of options!!!

Thomas B

Huge venue, huge nights.
Whiskey bar is properly good but parts of the venue can be a bit chilly sometimes, went before and it was perfect, but last week it was a bit chilly at Kamm's Kitchen, so wear layers so you can do things accordingly.

Be warned of the whiskey roulette, it's addictive!

Hannah W

Such an amazing venue love how warm it is and how easily accessible it is to south east. YAY

Emma S

Canada Water doesn't have a lot of late night options but Hawker House has managed to pack a great deal into a reimagined warehouse space. It is tricky to find but armed with Google Maps, you will soon find yourself in an upmarket food hall. There are long benches stretching the length of the middle (ala German beer garden, and good for making friends out of strangers), and a whole lot of food stalls and bars (and queues) around the edges.

Shuffle a little to your left and there's another room! This side felt more upmarket, with oak smoked bone marrow hanging from meat hooks, lobster grilled cheese and a whisky bar with 50 varieties to try (Professor Green was doing his best when we swung by). 

So why only three stars? Largely because I have an aversion to the food hall style set up. I don't like queuing like I'm at a festival when I've gone out for dinner (if you don't mind this, you'll be fine), and also because none of the staff actually know about what they're peddling - this was particularly true at the craft beer pop up stations. 

I realise I'm probably in the minority and Hawker House will continue to be popular for as long as its pop up life lasts. Better get in the queue. 

Paula - ToT

Such a fun night out and definitely recommend this event for after work drinks.  The beer is reasonably priced and there are some interesting choices.  The food I tried was divine and can’t wait to sample some more over the next few weeks!  Hawker House is conveniently located near Canada Water station so easy to get to.


“There’s nothing in Canada Water other than Decathlon!” was the first thing that came out of my friend’s mouth when I asked him to join me for a drink. How wrong he was, for now there is ‘Hawker House’ … at least for the next 5 months there is!

A reformed, regenerated and renewed warehouse, filled with the top street food stalls known to London. I tried the Korean Chicken delights of Spit & Roast and the mighty Picanha Steak of Meat Hook, both of which were delectable! The Korean bun probably just edged out the steak for me though.

If you’re local to the area, I would highly recommend taking advantage of this event whilst it is running and if you’re not local … go anyway, it’s brilliant!

Neil K

The set up is familiar to all who have graced previous Hawker House events, though maybe this time they have found a venue that best embodies the true Hawker House experience, if it is a little off the beaten track from most. You will find a spacious warehouse with numerous street food offerings and more than enough choice to satisfy even the most discerning foodie, though if you have been to any previous events or any festivals you will have encountered most at least once before. The difference to a festival though is that you are provided with a roof over your head and so a guaranteed rain free environment and a good vibes to savour the flavours. 


As a devout attendee of Model Market during the summer, I was overjoyed to find out that there was gonna be a Street Feast pretty locally that was indoors. This place is great to keep those winter evenings at bay! The selection of food is amazing, as you would expect from Street Feast, and the drinks are equally as pleasing! 

I'll definitely be a regular here (until Model Market comes back in the summer!) ;]

Cristina A

Though it was initially a bit challenging to find my way to the venue, It was worth the half an hour that I wandered around Canada Water looking at my phone. It's got everything you're looking for in a spot to get some delicious street food and drinks with some friends.

I made a beeline for the buttermilk fried chicken burger at Club Mexicana and did not regret it for a second. It was only for the sake of civility and the desire to stuff my face with meringue later on that I resisted the urge to go for seconds.

Drinks can be a tad pricey but that's not a massive surprise since it seems to happen at all the other street-food pop-up markets around London and portions are "large tapa" rather than meal but that just means you get to try more delicious food!

The vibe is chilled, the food is good (read amazing!), the beer is cold, seating is plentiful which is rare indeed at these kinds of places and you might even manage a bit of celeb spotting (we tried to be cool and casual about coming across Professor Green and failed miserably).

If for some reason you find yourself bored (drawing a blank at what that reason could be), you could always have a walk around and have a look at some of the interesting bits of art and décor that make the place that extra bit special.

Matt B

I could go on about the ace food and the delicious drinks and the awesome vibe at this place, but it seems that lots of people have been doing that already. So instead, I'm going to share a little story with you about when I visited Hawker House.

There I was, eating brisket with chimichurri with a friend and just generally minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye I watched a lady march up a guy who I assume to be her boyfriend/husband, and chuck a pint of lager all over him – SPLASH – before holding up her phone to show him something, and storming off. He just sat there, in blank-faced shock, with beads of lager dripping off the end of his chin. Then he chased after her, and something of an altercation ensued. A security guard had to intervene to calm the situation. The lady looked reet upset, with mascara down her face and the like. The guy mainly just looked wet and lager-like. I didn't like to gawp (well, that's not true, I completely did because it's always entertaining to watch the misfortunes of others, but that brisket with chimichurri wasn't going to eat itself)... but then, just a few minutes later, I watched the lady and her beer-soaked significant other leave not only together, but HOLDING HANDS too.

Who knows what the full story is? We can only speculate. But whatever the details, I can only conclude the Hawker House has the power to heal fractured relationships, and for that reason I'm giving it the full 5 stars. 

Guy Parsons
moderatorStaff Writer

As an overall place this is WELL LUX. Get involved. That said the burgers I had from, I think, Chuck Burger, were not so special – I just had to try them to continue having an opinion on who makes the best burgers. Sorry Chuck but it's not you! Next time I'll be a bit more adventurous.

moderatorStaff Writer

Pleasing Londoners favourite activity 'eating street-food and discovering new pop ups' Hawker House is a surprise in the hidden quarters of Canada Water. Great vibe and atmosphere welcome visitors to an interesting choice of stalls my favourite being Busan BBQ with their Fried Chicken burger (which I got twice, even after dessert) and Merengue Girls who made an awesome Halloween themed dessert based on hot chocolate brownie, vanilla ice-cream and of course merengue, dreamy! 


The location is a little bit hidden, I got a little lost in the way – but I don’t doubt there may be more direction signs now. Once inside the warehouse, there was a great street fest vibe – with the advantage of being indoors –, with good music to ‘warm’ the place.

I thought the drinks options were especially good, albeit a bit expensive. There are many different bars, specialising in different drinks (a nice surprise for a non-beer drinker). For the food, there were times of huge queues, but I guess that’s not surprising. I tried the delicious arepa and yuka at the Venezuelan stall Petara; but it took (literally) around 30 minutes to be served [disclaimer: it was the opening night, they might be better prepared by now]. The market is weak for the sweet tooth prone, though... There is only one stall, with (admittedly more than a few options of) meringues. After all the savoury delicacies and the drinks I ended up going home craving some cake or anything chocolaty...

Sarah R

What a wonderful experience that was! Hawker house is a perfect place for surviving winter temperatures since it's closed and covered. It's huge, very airy and proper party place. There is plenty of choices for food, from seafood inspired meals to little pizza sliders.

Mexican pancake sliders are on spicy side, so beware if your pallete doesnt take spicy that well. Pizza sliders are tasty, goat cheese one is the best. Bob's Lobster was my favourite stand! Lobster roll is similar to the one in Burger and Lobster, On the pricey side , £14 for a Lobster roll, but try to enjoy it. It is worth it.

Definetely worth paying a visit

Dianne H

After following the darkly lit path, lit no less by a fire pit, a scene and scent of awe greeted me after walking through the doors.  The food, drinks, and atmosphere at Hawker House were incredible...you could find everything you desired from ghoulish meringues and Argentinian tasty baps (queue was the longest for a good reason) to all sorts of crafty beers and pretty pink gin cocktails.  Definitely a must for any street feast fans, with the added bonus of in-door comfort by candlelight...get yourself there!

Kritt N

Harsh cold winter months won't stop street food stalls from setting up shop in this huge indoor warehouse market.  Busy but spacious enough to accommodate 2,000+ people without feeling too cramp, you'll be spoilt for choice with the broad range of food from the sweet meringues of the Meringue Sisters to Korean BBQ baps of Busan to choose from. There are two floors to explore, it's warm and toasty inside the warehouse and cocktail bars  are around too if a drink is more what you're after. It's a pretty cool venue and feels like somewhere like in Shoredictch and not residential Canada Water. If you're looking for somewhere different to grab bite or drink with mates, this is a good shout and there are couches to chill on the second floor too.

Vieve W

So I went to the Hawker House StreetFeast Ldn launch, which was an exclusive event (before the official opening) for TimeOut readers and TimeOut Tastemakers...I have to say it was amazing! All of us Tastemakers turned up by ourselves, so I didn't know what to expect. But we had an exclusive balcony overlooking the Streetfeast hall and I had a great time networking with a load of other Tastemakers. Although, the building wasn't much to look at outwardly, it was alive and kicking inside and there was plenty of seats, tables and bars to keep everyone satisfied.

As a Tastemaker, we were all given 2 free drinks vouchers and £15 worth of free money to spend on food. Now being a foodie, I was absolutely spoiled for choice! There was all sorts up for grabs, including Tandoori flatbreads, pulled meats, cornbread, buttermilk Fried Chicken, hog roasts, lobster...far from the typical chinese and fish and chips vendors! I opted for a Chicken tandoori flatbread and the buttermilk fried chicken bap with Korean hot sauce and coleslaw (yes I love chicken). They were both fantastic and I literally could not fault The Fried Chicken bap! It was amaaaazing! Crunchy, moist, tender, flavorsome...need I go on?

For desserts many of us opted for the Meringue Girls sweets, a hugely popular stall. I went for the Ferrero Rocher profiteroles with meringues and chocolate sauce...ahhh-mazing!

Overall the night was awesome, free beers and gin cocktails, meant that we were fed, watered and there to enjoy our night. Thank you TimeOut London for a fantastic event and I'll definitely be heading there with my friends in a coming weekend!

To all of you not sure about how Streetfeasts work and if they're any good..? I recommend, recommend and recommend again!

Chelsey C

The credibility of south London nightlife is becoming more and more prominent; at last!! The giant warehouse is easy enough to get to from the station but far away from man buns of an over saturated east London.

Entirely under cover which is ideal for the wet weather and enough seating for most means you can while away your hours very easily here!

The food choices are phenomenal, where you can decide from lobster, to Korean buns, Indian, Vietnamese...the list goes on!

Another plus is the wide variety of drinking spots: craft beer? Check. Decadent cocktail? Check. Whisky roulette? DOUBLE CHECK!

Each food or drink station enables you to feel like you're in a different part of London and the music is easy listening and crowd pleasing. Can't wait to go back!!

Elisa R

WHAT A BLAST! Picture this: a huge warehouse, the delicious smell of a dozen different types of food, a bar, a lovely canal running right by it. This, my friend, is the Hawker House street food market open now! As a tastemaker, I got to visit it on its opening night and I had the time of my life – so did my belly. Only inconvenient: it’s in Canada Water, where nothing else lives. Then again, if you’re a local, make this place your new cafeteria, as soon as possible. Not the healthiest eating habits, I agree, but hey, live while you’re young they say!

Bonnie W

A great new place to try so many different types of street food! On my visit I tried the mini paneer naans from Rola Wala, a cornbread sandwich from Venezuelan stall Petare and finished off with a profiterole dessert from Meringue Girls, which were all delicious. There were so many other stalls that also looked tempting! Drinks from the bar on the ground floor were underwhelming. I don't think the bartender knew how to make the cocktail I ordered and he ended up giving me small about of gin mixed with juice and that was it. Other than that, the atmosphere was great and there is plenty of seating. Milk & Honey has also set up a bar on the upper floor and if it's anything like their original bar on Portland Street, they'll be serving some of the best cocktails in the city! 

Louise H

I've been to Street Feast in Dalston before. I liked that this venue is under cover so no need to get soaked! However, I didn't think the food offerings were as good, and was a little disappointed with some of the items I chose when I went. Still a great venue and a cool evening out, so I think it needs time to grow before it hits culinary perfection. 

Ana M

The food stalls are varied and interesting enough to check out, though I couldn't help feeling the space itself was a touch sterile and lacking in charm. Even so, I'd recommend going for the GLORIOUS mac and cheese balls at Chuck Burgers alone (as a vegetarian, I was unable to go for any of their burgers, but am sure they are equally delicious). I also went for a feta and plantain arepa from Petare - that was most delectable. A flavoursome gin cocktail rounded off these small bites nicely.

Richard N

I went for last year's Dalston Yard edition of Hawker House and liked it enough, but found it slightly claustrophobic. This year's edition has a fantastic venue with a ton of open space that I enjoyed, much less stuffy and easy to walk around. The selection of food felt slightly less than last year, but I've gone twice so far and went back for my three favourites: B.O.B's Lobster, Breddos Tacos and Meringue Girls, who make for a fantastic dinner. Love the cocktails and beer selection too, and the DJ was fantastic. 10/10 would go again. 


Just as I was getting upset about Dalston Yard not being open anymore, Hawker House opened! It's smaller in size and does have less options but i was lucky enough to get one of the limited number of quesedilla burgers from Breddo's Tacos and it was out of this world tasty. The dessert from meringue girls was underwhelming. I agree with the comments that you leave the places with clothes smelling like fried food but i guess you can't have everything right!


If you are expecting something unique, then definitely you will be disappointed. Just a few food stalls and few bars with everything being overpriced. Exactly the same food stalls as in the Dalston street feast, but much smaller space. The warehouse is obviously roofed (winter version of the street feast), so be prepared to have really bad smelly clothes for a few days due to the smoked food and the no proper air conditioning. In the cons, you can also add the distance from central London with nothing else around to spend time.


If you think there’s not a lot going on in Canada Water, this is proving you wrong!

Hawker House is a huge warehouse but with a very friendly atmosphere. Lots of food stalls (from Venezuelan buns to lobster burgers and ghost meringues), a few bars and the famous whisky roulette.

This is the kind of place where you’ll enjoy spending a few of your winter evenings.

Niomi Harris

This place was a little tricky to find, but once we were in, it was food heaven. Hawker House isn't much to look at from the outside, but the inside is a different story. Warm lighting, long wooden tables and beer-barrelled tables dotted about give it a homely feel. The buzz of excited chatter mixed with the tunes of the resident DJ made the atmosphere of this street food festival that much more electric!

And now the food! The choice of food was fab! There was so much on offer I hardly knew where to look- from tasty seafood at Prawnography to sizzling meat dishes at Smokestak. In the end I opted for the goats cheese and beetroot pizza from Fundi Pizza, a feta and plantain Arepa from Petare, followed by the ferrero roche meringue from Meringue Girls- so delicious! All this followed by yummy gin cocktails made the expedition to find this place very worth it. A perfect place to grab a bite with friends on a wintery night- I'll definitely be back.

image thumbnailimage thumbnail
Daniel L

The top street food in London all in one location? and an abundance of drinks (especially craft beer!!) to wash it all down. The mood is set in a grungy warehouse with pretty graffiti and music that really helps to set the mood and work up that appetite! What more could you ask for! Special shout out to Chuck burger which definitely is one of the highlight for me (you know it is good when other vendors are purchasing their meals from chuck's)

Note: For some reason google maps does not point you to the right postcode... so search for street feast hawker house instead!


I've been a fan of Dalston Yard, part of the Street Feast crew for a few years now and absolutely love the place and its clever and creative use of the space. So when I was invited by Time Out to a preview night of their new venture Hawker House, I didn't hesitate in 'grabbing my passport' and heading South to Canada Water...

As soon as I entered the warehouse space, I was impressed. The lighting, décor and general atmosphere was exactly what you'd hope from a foodie venue. The communal benches right in the centre encourage friendly banter and the comfy, moodily lit lounge areas upstairs are suitable for those inclined to more intimate affairs.

Now the food, of course, is what it's really all about and for meat eaters you're in your element, with a great variety of choice. But for vegetarians, you're limited. I had a delicious tofu steamed bun from Yum Bum and a great beetroot & goats cheese pizza from Born & Raised - who apparently did the on the road pizza thing before Pilgrims and clearly do it well. But apart from these and a paneer mini-nan slider from Rola Wala I spotted, but didn't sample, there were no other veg dishes on offer, which was a shame. 

Being a pescatarian though, my choices were far less limited and I could easily have filled my belly further with lobster, prawn and fish dishes on offer from different stands. In the end, I opted to sample a delightful fish taco with a lovely balance of spice & lime, though consisting of two or three bites, it was steep at £4 a pop. There was an enticing looking meringue stand for a possible dessert, which I didn't get to sample, but disappointingly no other sweet offerings. I could easily have squeezed in something little - after all you have a separate stomach for ice-cream you know.

Overall a great place to hang out with friends for an evening, or take a date, but do bear in mind, if you have a big appetite or simply want to sample a wider variety of foods, prepare to pay as the cost of individual dishes soon add up. I also wouldn't travel this far for Hawker House under ordinary circumstances, as I have Dalston Yard and Dinarama much closer to my front door, but if you live or work near Canada Water it's absolutely worth stopping by. Oh and get there before 7pm, when it's free, and use the £3 entry fee saved to put towards the food n' booze.

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Ros A

As a local Canada Water resident, I've been excited about the Hawker House opening since I first heard about it. It didn't disappoint and I can't wait to go back. It's all indoors and it's warm and toasty. Echo what Leah says below - you will leave smelling a little bit like bonfire night but it's worth it. A lot of people loved the Korean burgers - I liked the look of the pizza sliders. They're next on the hitlist. I hope they open on Thursday nights too - looking forward to dropping by after work and chilling out with a cocktail. 


Street feast has got a new winter location and as a Canada Water local I am pumped! Close to Canada Water station in an old factory building, the location works well as the new home for delicious delicious food. It’s indoors so it is a bit smoky – your clothes might smell a bit BBQ-y when you leave - but on the plus side it’s warm and there’s no chance of getting rained on. As always there is so much to tempt you that multiple visits will definitely be on the cards - top food picks are Korean BBQ Busan, pulled pork and apple pizza sliders at Born & Raised and Meringue Girls to finish off with something sweet. Can’t wait to go back.

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Alexandra L

When it's cold, dark, grey & raining outside, what you really need is something warm, bright, cheery & fun inside...thankfully those lovely chaps at Street Feast heard our call and Hawker House is the result, a giant warehouse packed full of fantastic food, friendly people & a totally buzzing atmosphere!

Not the easiest place to find - a couple of signposts would help confused people head in the right direction from 10-minutes-walk-away Canada Water station - but totally worth it when you do. Unobtrusively set back from the main road it doesn't look like much from the outside but the moment you step through the door, you're transported into a world of global cuisines, laid back tunes & super easy to drink gin cocktails guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The range of food available is frankly, awesome - pizza sliders looked generously sized and oozy with cheese while buttermilk chicken and mac & cheese balls were also going down a storm with members of the fabulous Time Out Tastemakers crew but for me, the night belonged to Venezuela, more specifically Petare, a stand doing a roaring trade in traditional grilled corn breads filled with pork shoulder, beef brisket or sizzling vegetables. 

Be aware that this was one of the most popular places to eat and as such the queue was, well, pretty damn long. Forty minutes for any kind of food is a long time to wait but the guys staffing it were lovely & genuine in their apology for the length of time spent standing in line but honestly, it was absolutely worth it. Plump folds of freshly grilled cornbread were full to breaking point of juicy, spicy, tender beef, savoury black beans & slices of gorgeously sweet plantain and a decent portion of deep fried cassava fries speckled with feta chunks & hot avocado/coriander sauce were freaking dreamy. 

Food at the various stalls was priced from roughly £5-10 per portion and servings were generous meaning it's as good value for a dinner with friends as anywhere more traditional in setting or menu. The place was packed and there's such a great atmosphere, you'll be planning your return visit while the gin cocktails of your current one are still soothing away the cares of the day. Not sure I've ever said these words before but those people of Canada Water? They're some lucky guys & gals this autumn so grab a bunch of friends, head down there, get one of everything and indulge in a fantastic culinary mash up of the highest order!

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London Aficionado

Very much enjoyed the Time Out preview party last Thursday. I initially thought it might not be the best location, but in fact it wasn’t difficult to get to and links relatively easily to several central London mainline stations.

There are of course lots of food vendors, catering for a variety of gastronomic preferences and the venue, a former warehouse, offers up loads of space to eat and drink. The bar runs right along the far back wall and you can also grab a can of chilled craft beer from a stand stocked with at least 50 different brews, sporting great sounding names like Flying Dog Snake Dog and Anchor Brotherhood Steam.

I was so busy checking out the food and drink in the main space I nearly didn’t realise there was another large open area on the other side of the warehouse, with more food and an upstairs bar, more suited to those wanting a cosier, softer lit space. A DJ provides music throughout and there’s a good party atmosphere. It’s a fully covered venue, i.e. all indoors and no outside areas, but given it’s running through a colder part of the year this is no bad thing!

The plan is to be open every Friday/Saturday from now until 11-12th December, but a staff member there informed me they may consider opening on Thursdays as well if it proves really popular, so if Thursdays work better for you, check beforehand. He also said they may have plans for more pop ups in the new year, so watch this space.

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Corina B

This place is literally a hidden gem as I had a bit of a hard time getting there. It's hard to imagine how great it is from the outside, but It's actually a fantastic place to spend the evening. Theres a lot of amazing food options, and as for one the burger that I had was amazing, The venue layout is very well thought out and the warm inside is perfect for the winter days

Sarah (kukkiiandkoppee)

An impressive indoor site including a dozen plus street food vendors, a variety of bars, communal tables, and more intimate sofas. Busan BBQ really outdone themselves this time with their trio of pajeon: crispy chicken, soy beef and spicy pork. Spit Roasts' belly pork with apple sauce and potato salad was a knockout too. Not really the best part of town but it's only a short walk from Canada Water tube station. It also got a little smoky so you will smell of food as you make your way home.

Rellie Loves

Street food lovers, this is your calling. I attended the Street Feast 'preview party' on Thursday and it was one of the best events yet as a Tastemaker, so thank you TO! Hawker House isn't the easiest venue to find post 5pm darkness, but what a welcome! The warehouse is huge and every corner has a different offering, from sourdough pizzas at Born & Raised, gourmet lobster at Bob's Lobster and naan bread sliders at Rola Wala, to Caribbean fusion at White Men Can't Jerk and delicious meringue treats at Meringue Girls. You will 100% have to queue in this place for every stall, but please don't leave without trying Petare - a Venezuelan spot offering the BEST shredded beef chargrilled cornbreads. 

The place was buzzing with people milling around and sitting on the long diner-style benches. Upstairs there was a Time Out Tastemaker VIP area which was a fun place to meet others and get chatting! (ended up spending the whole night with a few fab people). I enjoyed a couple of gin cocktails too as we scoped out the venue. The only negative was the smokey atmosphere which became a little over bearing after a couple of hours, and it's also pretty dark. 

One small tip: use the free cloakroom - this place get's HOT! 

It's on until nearly Christmas, and then again from Jan - April so check it out! I'll definitely be back soon and Petare is first on my hit list!

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Laura G

The Street Feast venue in Canada Water is back, with all the amenities that is usually brings: nice big bar, comunal hard-to-get-a-spot tables, and a lovely selection of street food. The always amazing Smokestauk is there, but you can have anything from pizza, to indian food, tacos and lobster rolls. The only not so Strong point is sweets that, as usual, are scarcely represented. Without an open air space, is not my favorite of Street Feast venues, but my be a good one for the coming winter.


Nicky G

Buzzing atmosphere, good food and a dedicated whisky bar are all pluses of Hawker House but my favourite thing about this huge warehouse of street food is actually the micro-village feel, with each stall in their own themed environment. One minute you're in a caravan buying a hot dog, the next you're in someone's kitchen watching them make sandwiches, the next you're in a little island hut with a rum cocktail. I chose to visit Venezuela and had a tasty shredded beef arepa with sweet, sweet fried plantain. Worth going out of your way to make a night of it in Canada Water.

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