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London Cat Village
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This Rivington Street spot is billed simply as a 'café with cats' - which seems about right to us. These kinds of places are pretty big in Japan and they're now starting to make waves here - with east London first on the bandwagon, of course. It's supposed to be a relaxing way to spend some time. 

A selection of tea is served alongside cakes and desserts but it's mostly about the company here - a coterie of kittens and cats apparently all paying their way. Mawz, a ginger Persian, is the GM; Teddy, a grey Scottish fold, is the head chef; and Tashuu and Simba, a pair of Bengals, are security.

It works out as five pounds per hour, with food and drink charged separately. House rules apply.

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London Cat Village says
We are a cat café in Shoreditch. We have 11 beautiful kittens with more four-pawed friends on the way. Come and make some feline friends and why not sample our range of delicious cakes and coffee, too!
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Venue name: London Cat Village
Address: 47 Rivington St
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I decided to treat my boyfriend and me to this, we had tried another Cat cafe and loved it (we stayed for 3 hours). So we figured we'd give this place a try. We aren't the type to expect the cats to do much and give much love. (They are cats after all) The Cats themselves, great and as you expect. 

The place is decorated very nicely and has a relaxed feel about it. It is very small and your time slot is quite strict especially on weekends, which is understandable its busy. But with that in mind, you would think the service would be speedy? it defiantly wasn't 30mins to get our coffee and 45mins to get food (which was wrong when it arrived) that gave us 15mins to quickly eat. Not exactly a pleasant experience when all you want to do is relax and watch the cats. 

The place wasn't  the "we care about cats, that's why we're doing this" kind of place. It was more, this is trending and let's make money kind of place, which is disappointing. 

Overall, I wouldn't go back. 

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Quite a frustrating experience. The village hosts some 12 cats, which are protected by a whole bunch of rules. The result is that the interaction with them is very limited. Much more limited than with the cat you could find in a friend's home. In general these cats are bored and boring. Of the (barely) one hour we spent in the village, 9 of the 12 cats were sleeping in areas were (according to the rules) they could not be disturbed. The other three were sleeping in remote corners of the village, where they were really difficult to be approached. Only for a few moments, you could see a cat moving from one place to another.

The food was acceptable, but given its price, this is the minimum you could expect.

And the interaction with the ladies in charge of the village was quite tough. We (the customers) seemed a necessary and unavoidable annoyance for them. I felt treated accordingly.

In summary, no value for money at all. I'll never show up again in this place. 

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Cat's are lovely, staff is horrible and rude. The Asian lady (the chubby one) is one of the less welcoming people I have ever met, and I have met all kinds of people. It is a real shame, because if they actually knew how to run a business, they would have a queue in front of the door every day at every time. You will find 6-7 people at the most and 4 of them are part of the staff. If you love cats, avoid this place, as it is really dissapointing!

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Awful place.

The staff are rude argumentative, awful and should not run a cafe. No one answers the phones, I tried to amend a booking and they were so unhelpful and then went on to charge me double saying i hadn't attended, even though I had! Since trying to get a refund all I've been met with is disgusting emails and spiteful responses.

The atmosphere is not a relaxing one for the cats and with the staff they have at the moment I would avoid. 

I feel sorry for the cats.

Lady Dinah's is much better.

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The most horrible experience I ever had!!!

Do not go to that place as you paying money to those they don't even love cats.

First 40min of it was very pleasant cats lovely nice atmosphere but right at the end of that experience one of the cats started drinking milk and throw all of it on the floor it was adorable for everyone as most of the time he was asleep.

And that's when that horrible women came it grabbed the cat twice very hard way as he did made that noise like was hurt.

When I did tell her that I do not appricate the way she handle the cat she kicked off.

Never meet such as rude person before

She had a go at everyone around blaming us for cat messing about and she was going on and on for 5min.She didn't even apologise once

and then she said our time is up anyway so we have to leave.

Then the owner Adam came in and started he's investigation.I felt like I'm at the police station as he was expecting everyone to confirm what's happend like I made up that story.

Obviously there was ar.6 unhappy customers in there absolutely shocked with the whole situation plus there's cctv in there so he could check that if cctv is even working.

I ve got 3 cats myself and I'm very dissapointed that there's people out there they just want to make money but truly they do not care abt animals.

That Asian lady as she refused to give her name shouldn't be working there at fist place and the owner should pay more attention to what's going on around if he even care about those cats himself.

He did apologise and gave up little discount but there's no price when is coming to mistreating animals.Those cats should be enjoying thier life not being locked in the coffe shop and being used for business purposes especially when people working there they don't really care abt them.

It makes me wonder if that lady acted that way in front of the customers how is she behaving when the shop is closed...


I don't know why this place has such low ratings! I'm a huge cat person, sadly I can't have pets at my house because of carpets, so finding places like this where you can cuddle and play with cats even for a short time is a blessing! The cafe is located on a quiet street in Shoreditch, inside you have to take your shoes off and go through a short list of rules to play with your furry friends respectfully - obviously you can't pick them up and disturb them when they sleep and eat, just sensible things to do and so on. They have a range of hot/cold drinks and food, staff is nice and their cats are adorable. I had a very lovely time and I want to go back as soon as I can!

Not the best cat café I've been to, its small and not comfortable, there should be a larger area for cats to sleep in peace.  Staff & management need to take the 'CHILL PILL', stop big brother watching every move the customers make and to learn the 'foundation' of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!


This is the 3rd Cat Cafe i've been too. I'm not going to say that this one was the best of the bunch (That accolade goes to the cat cafe I visited in Lithuania) but this place is quite good. Obviously it's the cats that people go for so in a way the food and drink are almost redundant. Lets be honest we're all here cos we want to cuddle a cat and cuddle the cats we did. This cafe also has some kittens which i'd never seen in any other cat cafe's. Obviously they were crazy cute and made the visit even more enjoyable as they played around us on the floor.

I didn't actually order any food or drink at the cafe. I did intend to but then got distracted by playing with all the fur balls that were running around. Understandable i'm sure you'll agree. You have to pay £5 each to spend an hour in the cafe so I didn't feel bad that I didn't pay for any extra food or drink. I guess I just paid a fiver for a cat cuddle. Seems fair to me.

The place itself had quite a strong smell of cat food when you arrived which is because their food is just distributed in bowls at different areas of the cafe. I think it would be better if they had a set area for the cat food and preferably that would be outside of the cafe zone as ive seen in other cat cafes, as the strong smell is slightly off-putting. I imagine a lot of people wouldn't want to eat there because of that smell.

Its also not a posh cafe space. Its designed more with the cats in mind which I think is the correct approach. You're visiting the cats home after all.

All in all it was a nice hour of cat cuddling. Whats to complain about when you've got a fluffball in your lap ;-)


Went to the Cat Village twice already and absolutely loved it each time. Cute cats, great coffee and lovely staff! Have a try at their cakes, slices are proper massive and very good value for money. I would recommend getting a morning slot instead of an evening one, I did both and cats were wide awake during the morning session and sleeping most of the time during the evening one. Only bad point, the 1-hour slot is very short and you may feel a bit rushed.

Staff Writer

If you have a passion for fluffy little cats who want warm snuggles and playtime, then the Cat Village is a must! This cat lovers paradise will leave you smiling from ear to ear. From the moment you step in you're asked to put on some comfy slippers to make the experience even more enjoyable. Then sit back, rewind, order a latte and a massive slice of cake whilst listening to the soothing music, which I'm sure will also put the cats to sleep once the human guests have worn them out with all the string chasing! 

You can see the cats are well looked after and especially after reading the concept behind the cafe, you can't help but want to visit. Humans must obide by the rules and not pick up the cats which is fair enough, but there is nothing stopping you from trying to entice the cats onto your lap for a little snuggle (that's what i was trying to do) If you're anything like me you will have a few favourites by the time your session is up, or maybe they were my faves because they were the only ones approaching me and my mouse on a stick toy. Look out for grumpy face cat (not it's real name) and the cute white Scottish Fold, it looks like something out of a cartoon.

Book ahead especially at the weekends, slots are by the hour and cost £5 per session, cheapest way to recharge and relax in London with a room full of moggies that will leave you wanting to go back.

I am marveling at all those people that had a great time!!! Probably I did not because I came late 17:30. I see pictures with people having cats in their lap when I got there the rule was not to pick up any of the cats not to pet them if they sleep ( they were all sleeping but 3-4) the staff was OK but the service is slow plus I had to cappuccinos that weren't tasting of coffee at all!!! I am not leaving this review to be mean... I loved the cats I would have liked to cuddle not just stare at them

The best cat cafe in London. We've been to the other cat cafe and there wasn't much affection or interaction between staff and cats, but at the Cat Village, the staff clearly care. The layout is far superior and the cats are all clearly so cared for and well looked after.

On our most recent visit, we were informed of 3 new adolescent cats, rescued just this week. Still very skittish and segregated from public interaction; but staff were constantly checking on their wellbeing and ensuring they were happy and safe.

Please do visit the Cat Village, you will not be disappointed!

And I am officially claiming NuNu, she's gorgeous.


The Cat Village in Shoreditch isn’t London’s first cat café, but this is a business driven by the passion of its owners and their genuine affection for its furry residents. I approached the concept with scepticism, but I was fortunate enough to speak with Adam, one of the co-owners of the business, and he emphasised the crux of the business ethos: he believed that through interaction with the cats in a protected and tranquil setting, guests can achieve a heightened sense of well-being.

More pessimistic individuals might query the beneficial holistic effects of playing with animals, but there is scientific evidence to suggest they can increase our happiness and mental health. Notwithstanding this, I can attest that the cats were well kept, content and given free-range of the premises. The surroundings were designed for their comfort and the house rules do not allow them to be disturbed when they are sleeping, eating and to never be picked up. The majority are purebreds and carefully selected based on their temperament and ability to be unperturbed in the presence of humans.

It’s an easy way to spend an hour and I left feeling very Zen. This is a cheap form of therapy- as it costs £5 for a one hour timed slot- and you can either actively coax the cats into giving you their affection with one of the many toys strewn about, or you can passively enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake while the more curious felines carefully choose the most alluring lap to warm.

It’s not an outlandish concept- cat cafes are prominent across Asia- and it certainly beats grabbing a coffee in a crowded high street coffee chain. I can vouch for the lemon cheesecake (don’t worry, there is no kitchen onsite and the baked goods are sourced from a local supplier and kept in an enclosed kitchen with no cats present!).

Because- admit it- your tiny London flat won’t allow you to have a real pet, so this is the next best thing.