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Meat Mission

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4 out of 5 stars
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Meat Mission

Time Out says

Occupying an old Christian mission by Hoxton market, this outing from down-and-dirty burger boys Meatliquor mixes a fair dose of original ecclesiastical architecture with some stunning new features including a stained glass ceiling and a confessional box ‘photo booth’. Drop by on spec and park yourself in the no-bookings bar/diner or reserve a seat in the traditional sit-down space hidden behind one-way glass. Either way, expect plenty of hits from the Meatliquor back catalogue, including the legendary ‘dead hippie’ burger and deep-fried pickles, plus must-try inventions such as South African-style ‘braai’ chicken wings, build-your-own vegan dogs and a ‘pastrami Swiss’ burger (pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing).



Address: 13-15 Hoxton Market
N1 6HG
Transport: Tube: Old Street
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Users say (24)

4 out of 5 stars

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3.7 / 5

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Overall, the food was good. Onion rings were really greasy. Wouldn’t buy those again.


Meat Mission is one of my favourite places in London for burgers. Although I personally think it's a little pricey for the size of the burger you get (I expected some monster stack), it is really really really reaaallly tasty, and I find myself dreaming of the 'dead hippie' on a regular basis. The sides a pretty huge, so get one burger each and share a couple sides between you (unless you're a little fatty fat fatty). 

I'd recommend going for the lunchtime menu as it's a tenner for a burger, fries and drink (not bad, just watch out for the meat sweats!). The place itself is pretty cool, very hipster but friendly I thought. 

As for veggies there are a couple things on the menu, but this place obviously isn't suitable...I mean, it IS called 'Meat' mission, what do you expect?!

Overall, a great place give it a go and see for yourself! 


Definitely not suitable for veggies! The restaurant has a church like feel with a large stain glass window and bench style seating, which immediately creates an eerie vibe. The American style food was served quickly by friendly staff on a large metal tray, as oppose to individual plates which was interesting! Although the burgers were incredibly tasty, they were a little pricey for what they are. Overall, a great experience with nice atmosphere - an excellent go to for dinner with friends!


Large burgers, deep fried pickles and strong drinks is the best reason to go to 'church.' Meat Mission is a unique venue buried deep in Shoreditch. The food is fantastic and the dark atmosphere and cramped tables create a communal feeling of the space. 


Meat in a 'church' - what's not to like?!
Meat mission has everything that dreams are made of: fried pickles, deep-fried mac n cheese... oh and that dead hippie burger. 

Why am i not there right now?!


What to say what to say


OK so you know from the moment you step into meat mission that you're about to endure something brutal! I mean the name of the place gives it away right?

Let's start with the good then end with the ugly!

The portions are big! I mean I need both hands and my chin to get though a burger at this place!

The wings come in piles and the slaw in mountains! The best part is that everything is flavored well... The blue cheese dip is just what dreams are made of.

Now for the not so good.

I don't appreciate the old wooden musky western smell in here. It just doesn't sit well with me. As the place is 80% wood it's unavoidable but still .... Maybe a stronger bleach would help?

Price wise its very resonable and all burgers and mains are under £10 ..did I mention you leave with the wobbles? Yup .. Food coma central guys ;)



The restaurant is the sister venue to the popular MeatLiquor in the West End. It is tucked away in Hoxton Square, is always busy and has a good vibe – can get a little loud so not exactly a cosy date night place.

The burgers are just fantastic – I have tried the chilli burger and the cheese and bacon burger and it was tender, flavoursome and scrumptious. I also recommend the chicken wings with a blue cheese side.

As the venue can get busy, I would book to be on the safe side. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you can sometimes receive offers for up to 50% off food.


Incredible place, average food would sum up MeatMission. The place on its own is so unexpected and well decorated that you'll probably only be able to absolutely love it and send a thousand snapchats of it to your friends (yes, meat in a church, IN A CHURCH folks). Food on the other side is quite average (fast food style) and overpriced for the quality. I took the Xmas special (turkey, cranberry, sausage burger) with fries for about £15, the price of a very good burger and fries at Haché that clearly doesn't compare. Come for a drink in that incredible place and I think you'll get the best deal!


Let me preface this by saying something shocking...

I am not a massive fan of burgers.

Let me stop you quickly, before you grab the lynching rope, generally I feel just 'meh' towards burgers, I feel I would have rather just got a main dish of pure meat or fish or chicken, why cram it in a burger?

Anyway back to Meat Mission, may I just say these are the best burgers I think I have ever eaten. I feel like this could change me to the way of the burger, however I know that no other place is going to do it that well.

Now to the nitty gritty, ignore the 1 pound sign on this listing, its defiantly ££ out of 4. The burgers are great, but some people may be disappointed by the size of them, they are a smallish burger for a cost of £8.75, but damn they are defiantly quality over quantity. I would recommend the dead hippie burger and the dirty chicken one.

Despite the burgers being on the small side, the actuals sides are surprisingly big! They are generous helpings of fries (with chilli cheese) and the slaw was just massive. But I must say that the fries were a slight disappointment. 

You wont go hungry as long as you dont just get one burger. 

tl;dr - Fantastic burgers though slightly on the small scale (quality over quantity) sides are the opposite - massive portions but no where near as good as the burgers (how can you even compare) Also the cocktails were unique and the one I tried; (their take on a margarita) delicious.


Meat Mission probably says it all, your veggie friends will not thank you for a trip here. Alas meat lovers will most likely be thrilled. Its a bit MacDonalds but with booze so I can confirm I had a very nice Chicken Burger with fries (super skinny the way I like them). It does exactly what it says on the tin.


The modern American food experience - there are large varieties of burgers, hot dogs and excellent chicken, however be prepared to order light or loosen your belt. The fries are wonderful but one is more than enough to share alongside a main. Chances are if you’re like me, there will never be room for desert (beyond a White Russian Milkshake, of course). If you’re not like me, then maybe their speed eating challenge is more up your street - the back wall is adorned with the names of those brave enough to face the amount of food you’ll be facing.

The decor is wonderful, with a ceiling that might have you staring at its features throughout your entire meal. It will watch over you as you find yourself gorging on the wonderful food, just be sure you can get up again after.

The service isn't great, but the food is good. To be honest, there are many other places in London where you can get better food, but this is easy enough and nice enough!

Definitely the best wings in town without a doubt, I also highly recommend the Bacon Cheese Burger, or the Dead Hippie, sounds gross but is super tasty!

Very cool location and the interior is very Gilbert and George, with huge imposing stained glass windows. If you like cocktails you're in for a treat, they have a large array, the silver angel is my personal favourite closely followed by the White Russian milkshake.

It's a really great venue for group bookings.

It kills me to only give this three stars because the food is great, but when reviewing you've got to think of the experience as a whole.

Staff & atmosphere - I was aware of how busy the restaurant is so had made a reservation ahead of time. Even so, we had to wait 30 minutes after our set time to finally be seated. Not the friendliest bunch of servers or the most attentive, and every time we needed something (to place an order/ new drinks etc) we had to wave our hands around to get attention... at the same time it constantly felt like they were clearing things away the second we were finished and were pushing for us to be done and get out. The room is very dark (although not as dark as the Marylebone one) but the decor matches it perfectly and gives the whole place a sexy underground feel.

Food & drink - the food arrived quickly and was exactly what I had been expecting: messy deliciousness. Burgers are big and full of meat, with sauce that trickles down your hands the way a good burger should. Hippie fries are a no-brainer and add to the glorious cheesy concoction. Pricing is a little above average but worth it for what you get and how you feel afterwards. They have a great cocktail selection but these are quite pricey (especially when they're massively filled with ice) - they taste great nonetheless, so I would say you just need to budget a little higher for the night.

Extra - Chicken Liquor in Brixton is a calmer but equally delicious ulterior option (although I would suggest they are better for lunch); Date night I would suggest Marylebone Meat Liquor and Shoreditch meat Mission for a big group dinner; The photo booth is a lot of fun!


The restaurant is dark as a graveyard at midnight, with the vibes of after-hours music dive. The portions are large enough to scare you when they arrive on their tray... the onion rings are almost the size of horse shoes. 

The food's ok, but not as good as the food truck where they started. It's generally 'fine' but I do not need to be asked 5 times if everything is ok. Chill your boots, my friend, and I'll let you know if I need anything. The constant pressure of checking in with diners makes you feel like there IS something wrong, but you just haven't got to it yet. 

And what's with the shared trays? It's one thing not getting a plate (don't get me started on that subject...!) but it's another thing having your dining companions thieving fingers all over your food. But maybe that's just me and my choice of dining companion...! 

All that said, Meat Mission is best enjoyed in the evening with a group of friends. Get a booth, get a drink, and get your burgering on. 


There are no frills about this place, and when you’re craving a beer and a good hearty burger, nothing is going to stand in your way. The service is really friendly and warm. They’re super helpful and have good insight into the menu. The atmosphere is really cool and just what you need. Honourable mentions is obviously the dead hippie burger.


Really don't know why there is so much hype about this place. It's incredibly dark in there, which is fine for a night out but when we visited on a Sunday afternoon it felt moody. The burgers are fine but nothing particularly stand out - they are served on a tray that isn't wide enough to go to the edge of the table, so we found we were dropping food on the table. Not ideal - why not give each person their own tray, if that's how you like to do it?! Cocktails are very good though, and the list is extensive, and service was friendly and fast. Without those things it felt a bit like a glorified McDonalds. London is overrun with burger restaurants now, so competition is fierce. Choose your next burger wisely.


Oh my, the dead hippie burger... Others have said it before, and I can only agree: It is amazing and one of the best in London. 

The chicken wings with blue cheese, hippie fries and cocktails are also phenomenal. 

Staff have always been lovely and the atmosphere is great. It can get pretty loud when it's completely full, but turn up early and it's more chilled.

It may be tricky getting a table at certain times, but you can either turn up early or even book a table in a room by the side. The main room may be a bit more excited and spacious, but at least you can count on that burger! 


I have tried many burgers so far. I LOVE burgers. I have been to this place multiple times and I consider it as one of the best burgers in London. I fell in love with dead hippie burger! Buffalo chicken burger is an awesome alternative. A friend of mine who is vegetarian once tried the haloumi one and he really enjoyed it. Ohhhh and three words: Dead Hippie Fries!! This is like heaven on earth, in a mouthful. Really! It's the guiltiest pleasure of all. The sin you'll do again and again. I really like that grungy decoration, especially the glass ceiling. It works as a time-travelling or whatever, I love the whole atmosphere, the music, the whole concept, everything. Both rooms are amazing. Staff is pleasant, food comes fast. It's ideal to meet there with friends, eat some really good fast food and have some fun :) If you are able to move after all that food, take some shots in the photo booth!


Love the relaxed atmosphere, little dj booth upstairs, converted church vibes, kind waiters and of course- the food.
Dead Hippie chips- <3 <3 <3

Meat Mission is great for almost any occasion. Whilst I can’t think of anywhere worse to go on a first date, what with shared trays of food, a distinctive lack of cutlery and a mass of greasy finger foods, for a friend’s birthday or casual meal out, it’s the perfect setting for a great evening in good company. For around £20 you can get a rather delicious burger, several sides and a bottle of bubbly to share if you so fancy. Besides the good food and cocktails, the venue itself is pretty cool too, the staff are friendly and it has a different vibe to most other restaurants. All in all, I’d highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys good food, tasty cocktails and somewhere a bit different to your ordinary, run-of-the-mill chain-style restaurant.

Staff Writer

I have a love hate relationship with Meat Mission. While I’m there, I hate myself and the food – well, after the first five mouthfuls – but then I leave and two days later, I’m craving the boneless chicken wings I couldn’t even finish in the first place. It’s such heavy food that the side dishes are pretty much enough to fill you up but your meal gets quite boring if you do that.

The venue itself is really quite something though. The cavernous feel makes it feel dank yet airy at the same time and it feels a bit naughty to sit in a building that was a mission in a previous life to eat disgustingly unhealthy food and drink a cocktail but that’s only a good thing in my books.


I had been to Meat Liquor on Bond Street a few times. I love the food there! It is tasty and the portions massive. I decided to take a friend to Meat Mission in Hoxton to introduce her to the wonders of loads of tasty meat. The place is lighter than Meat Liquor, which is good so we can easily read the menu, and it seems to be a bit smaller. We were sat in between two sets of friends. Sitting in the middle of the restaurant equals being a bit squashed and sharing your private conversation with strangers. The menu seemed a bit different; it had more alcohol than food. It didn't have the super yummy fries with cheese for example. I ordered the gigantic chilly dog, my friend ordered a cheese burger and one bowl of fries to share. The waitress bought us two fries. I told her I only ordered one and she took it away. No drama. We finished eating and fancied some cocktails. I asked for the menu and they got me the bill. My friend and I got a bit put off by it and decided to go elsewhere for cocktails. We paid the bill in cash: it had an optional service charge and an optional donation for charity. They don't mention the name of the 'charity'. We paid for the service charge but not for the charity. So our lovely waitress came over saying the bill was £1 short. How was it short if it was an optional donation? The service wasn't good. The waitresses act like they are too cool to serve us; also, the table setting can make it feel a bit overcrowded. The food was good but if going back there means to be squashed between other customers and being served by someone who thinks she is too cool to bring you food, I would rather travel all the way to Bond Street and have the full package: food and customer service.

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