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An interestingly shambolic shop with mountains of stock, the Nicholas Camera Company sells all sorts of old and modern cameras dating from as far back as the 1800s. It’s best to have a clear idea before you go in of what you want – rather than browsing you have tell the shopkeeper what you want and he goes and looks. In addition to the more familiar SLR names, you’ll find large-format cameras by the likes of Linhof, Sinar, Horseman and medium-format giants such as Hasselblad and Mamiya. There are also accessories, darkroom kits and a growing array of used digital equipment.


Venue name: Nicholas Camera Company
Address: 15 Camden High Street
Opening hours: Open 10am-6pm Mon-Sat
Transport: Tube: Mornington Crescent tube
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Great product and price,from uk dealer very happy thank you Nicholas Camera.

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Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing my (faulty) camera from him. Won't offer a return, only exchange but I want nothing more to do with him after the way he spoke to me. He seems intent on destroying his own business. Absolutely baffling.

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Returned a filter to this store which was sold damaged. Man offered an exchange - upon requesting a refund, withdraw offer and began to shout at me, calling me a time waster and (like most of his customers apparently...) a time waster. Threatened to call the police if I did not leave, called (someone) - not sure if it actually was the police twice. He has been reported for his abusive, vile behavior.

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Nothing about this shop makes it interesting. If you - like most photographers, cherish your craft, you will be appalled with the service and condition of the equipment in this shop. Scratched filters, dusty cameras heaped up on top of each other - to some it might appear to be treasure trove but after being told that what I had hoped to buy was dusty because 'photographers on the street here in Camden do get dirty' you will be out of the door and down the road to Calumet in Euston in no time.

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pathetic..... the man is a squint eyed lunatic and his stock and shop, well, a mere junkyard... if you like to splash some cash on old dusty and rusty tools help yourself then!

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It's a scam, run as fast as you can from this place.

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As with TDF, I too have experienced problems. I ordered over the phone and the items arrived in not the same condition as described to me. When I phoned the shop to say I was returning the items the owner put the phone down on me. Repeatedly, I have phoned him but he makes all manner of pathetic excuses and to date has not refunded my money despite saying he would do so. On the advice of Consumer Direct I have written to both him and the credit card company but he has ignored the letter. It is about time Trading Standards sorted him out!

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Nicholas Camera Company, Camden - This business is a disaster area in my view. The owner is a deeply unpleasant individual who has not only failed to deliver the product I ordered but has done everything he can to avoid making a refund to me - and still holds on to my money. My fight to recover my money is ongoing but his contempt for everyone but himself is very clear, for example I am "a stupid twit" according to him - this because I asked for a refund. If you Google and read the reviews you will see others who have had similar dreadful experiences in their dealings with this business anfd its owner. The company accounts (search Companies House) show a very shaky position and I am sure that this business will not survive for long. In fact it is surprising it has done so to date.

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Nice camera, good service and great price. Would highly recommend Nicholas Camera to others.

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Not only the best value but held stock of the kit I wanted

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Absolutely dreadful service. The manager is rude, aggressive, bullying - and a liar. He was extremely unpleasant to my daughter who brought in a camera for repair. The good reviews have to be fakes. Just look at the 1 Star reviews here and on camera sites for accuracy. I very much support shops but this place shouldn't be trading. Avoid. 

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 This truly is one of the worst camera stores in London. The shop itself is a complete tip, you cannot see the wood for the trees among the piles of dusty, poorly cared for cameras. And if that isn't enough, the prices are obscene considering the appalling service. The keeper was not the authority on anything and seemed to have very little power as to what he could and couldn't sell, having to be on the phone every five minutes to who I presume is the owner. The lack of care for the equipment and the lack of care in helping out customers is confusing if not rude. For instance, I asked for a USB cable for a camera I was buying (not included in the elated price) and he could not be bothered to look for one. A massive shame as this could have been a gem of an independent camera store. Calumet Photo got my sale in the end, with their excellent, quick and caring service. 

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I was going to him with 2 goals: 

1) repair my D700 and a 24-70 which has a bit problem with smoothness than to replace some rubbers

2) if I consider all of the above a bit expensive to repair, than to sell it to him or to change my whole setup to a Canon 5D MarkII.

His offer was to keep my lenses and to continue to work with Nikon, but he can give me a D800.

Was quite good idea but then the ''things'' are coming

- he offered for my D700  £300 - (you can`t even buy an entry level DSLR with that money), than he offered to me the Second hand D800 for  £1500. I was just asking what to shutter count is and all these questions before you go ahead and buy a second hand camera. Than I was asking him that what were the issues with those? 

He told me that He is not wasting anymore time to stupid questions… ''Because these are stupid questions from stupid people who comes in from the street'' - thats what he says to me. Than opened the door in front of me - ''Take all your gear and get out of my store'' He repeated 2 times before I was realizing that he is throwing me out of there.

Just walked out of the street and realized that I literally was throw out of there. Don`t know what I just did wrong. I don`t know how can someone keep a business with this sort of attitude

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I can't believe this place exists, unless it is a front for something else - or a candid camera type scam? I went in thinking it looked like an Aladdin's cave of possible treasures and bargains. The stock is poorly laid out and dusty, but none of it is as cheap as it should be and some of it doesn't work as described. At the first sign of challenge from a customer who was in the shop when I was, the shop-keeper (owner?) became Fawlty-rude to him. There is some entertainment value to be had in there, but I am not buying (or selling) anything.

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Fantastic company to deal with, really friendly and helpful staff, and honest UK based company Thanks.

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Nicholas Camera were great, Good service and follow up.

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Fantastic deal with Nicholas Camera and Very fast service and you can trust the company, am very impressed.

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Good price and excellent service, would definitely recommend this company to everyone.

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Very good service and fair price.Very happy with this service

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Easy to shop at Nicholas cameras,was very impressed with very competitive pricing.

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Finally I found the camera  which i have been looking from weeks. Thanks

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I needed specific information on the product; customer support was able to track down the information and contact me

This is one - if not the - worst camera shop in London. I thoroughly advise against anyone setting foot in there. You will be greeted with appalling service and faulty cameras and products. How this shop has three stars is a miracle to me. If you scroll down, all the comments are one stars except a select few that I believe are falsely written by Nicholas, the owner, himself.

Nicholas is a deeply unpleasant man that will do anything he can to take as much money from you as he possibly can. His total disregard for basic politeness is something that I had not yet experienced to its full extent until I visited this shop.

Having acquired a faulty camera at this shop, I visited his shop once more and politely asked for a refund. He responded by screaming at me, told me to stop asking stupid questions and blatantly refused to give me a refund. When I called him a couple of days later, he proceeded by screaming and insulting me once more to then hang up the phone.

Not only has he been reported by many as a fraudulent business man, he is also known to have committed fraud as a landlord in the Camden area. 

Stay away from this shop at all cost or be ready to fight a long legal battle to get your money back. I hope that this post will make people aware of this fraudulent individual and discourage them from ever going into this shop.

It is a wonder his business has survived this long with such an awful owner that takes advantage of people.

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my personal experience of shop and owner have both been very pleasant, being in there is a bit like being in an old toy shop with hundreds of cameras and lenses piled high and low. a dream for any keen photographer willing to search and unearth a treasure.

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