Camden Fringe

'Theatrical Turing Test' by Improverts
© Ross Gamble 'Theatrical Turing Test' by Improverts, part of Camden Fringe 2018

It's back: London's rival to the Edinburgh fringe is taking place throughout August.

Edinburgh isn't the only place with a bustling, brilliant fringe. Don't forget that London has its very own version, filling the city with shows from 30th July to 26th August 2018. So if you're not heading up to Edinburgh, check out the Camden fringe for some knock down price theatre and comedy. Venues are all over Camden, and include the Cockpit, Hen and Chickens, the Etcetera theatre and more. This year sees the 13th anniversary of the sprawling festival and provides the biggest line up yet.

There's a huge range of performances to choose from, with over 300 shows to dip into at 23 venues. And with mostly bargain basement tickets, there's plenty that's worth taking a punt on. 

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