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Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

The cheeky cabaret circus is back for a West End run

It’s about one hour into the show and a shy-looking audience member named Warren has just been asked to smell a circus performer’s vagina. The performer is topless, save for two nipple tassels that appear to be made out of human hair, and she’s waggling a wig (that was previously in her pants), in Warren’s face. ‘That’s all me, baby!’ she says as he leans in gingerly to take a sniff. The audience screams. 

This is ‘La Soirée’, the rude, crude, circus-cabaret that’s currently making its West End debut at the Aldwych Theatre. That’s a pretty mainstream venue for a show that has its roots in the Edinburgh Fringe, but ‘La Soirée’ hasn’t compromised on the naughtiness: if you don’t glimpse at least one bare dick over the course of its dozen dazzling acts, I suggest you ask for your money back.

Some of the sauce is brilliant: two naked men (Leon Fagbemi and LJ Marles) do a hilarious, surprisingly beautiful routine, passing two tiny white towels between them – the timing is fantastic, their movements almost mime-like. It’s raunchy, yes, but it feels meaningful, too. Other highlights include the genuinely jaw-dropping Fancy Chance (Veronica Thompson), who soars across the Aldwych Theatre suspended by her own hair.

Other acts lack magic. Set to the kind of music you might hear in the last five minutes of a spin-class, some of the acrobatics aren’t all that graceful. There’s also a Las Vegas-inspired ‘husband and wife’ act called Daredevil Chicken who mainly run around tormenting audience members; as well as the vag-sniffing, at one point they lick a man’s bald scalp. It gets a bit annoying.

And then there’s the stuff that just feels plain misjudged. In one wildly insensitive moment, Daredevil Chicken make a ‘samosa’ joke about two South Asian performers. That would be bad enough if it were an isolated incident, but ‘La Soirée’ opens with two white puppeteers (André-Anne Le Blanc and Stephen Quinlan), manipulating a highly caricatured puppet of a black woman.

And that’s the thing about ‘La Soirée’: it often feels like it’s trying to be shocking for the sake of it. Still, with an edited programme, this would be fun for a hen night or a debauched office Christmas party. I can’t stop thinking about those tiny white towels… 

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By: Kitty Drake



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4 out of 5 stars

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I have never been to a circus in my life and I really did not know what to expect.  A friend of mine informed me at the end that this was a circus like no other.  I was expecting it to be slow paced and the classic acrobatic acts I will have seen on TV before but I was so very wrong.  This show had comedy, songs and some of the most amazing bubbles I have ever seen.  I could go on for days about the bubbles as it was the most spectacular things I have ever seen.  Honestly, go to this show just for the bubble act alone. 

Bubbles aside, there was some amazing comedy in this show that engaged the whole audience and even pulled some unknowing audience members into the action - it was not just the front row that got all the attention.  

They had 2 good sized bars as well to make sure the interval drinks moved quickly and the venue itself was very spacious but the ringside seats provided an up close look at the strength of the acrobats.  

The only downside to me is the cost, if I hadn't attended a Time Out event I do not know if I would be able to fork out for this normally but if you are looking for a great night out, this is a perfect idea. 

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What a night ! A laughed , gasped , shuddered and was amazed in equal measure at La Soirée last night . The spiegeltent on the South Bank is an extraordinary and immersive venue - but not as extraordinary as La Soirée - hard to describe - it's hilarious and breath taking ! All the acts are superb but special me ruin to Mario Queen of the Circus - juggler and sexual adventurer ! And Denis Lock and Hamish McCann - extraordinary acrobats . A mention to Asher Treleavan would had me rolling in the aisles . I cannot recommend enough - go !!! If you fancy an office Xmas do you will be talking about for years or just a great night out - go to La Soiree ! I will definitejy be going back !!!

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Amazing, amazing show! So much fun and all the artists are really talented. Go and watch it!

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Amazing! A huge variety of acts in a unique venue. They seem to have got their act together from previous poor reviews. A good mixture of acrobatics, burlesque, comedy, singing and some impressive bubbles!

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Time to write an updated review! :)

We went to see the show yesterday and were absolutely blown away! Hilarious and fantastic show with excellent people, just the right amount of sexy and impressive, great music, hilarious and mind-blowing acts. I enjoyed it so much I seriously am considering going again!

Just the right length, fancy bar outside for drinks, and the whole atmosphere is set very well. Everyone is friendly and during the entire show you feel like you're part of it. I am actually quite difficult to make laugh, and I was in tears by the end of this show!

If you get a chance, by God don't miss this show!

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How in god's name this got an average of 3 stars last season I simply don't know. This show is one of a kind - think cabaret, singing, comedy, little sketches, contortionists, amazing strength shows and so much more, all within a circus tent just behind the London Eye on the Southbank. So much fun and we just roared and roared with laughter throughout (and winced when the knife down the throat thing happened, always gets me). It's raucous, a bit saucy (so don't take your Dad unless he's one of those cool Dads) and just so much fun. 

It's a whole immersive experience as you come in, you'll be greeted by 1930s-esque staff who are patient and friendly and who will show you where to sit. 

It's a bit tricky to find (the tickets say Southbank Centre) but just head for the big tent outside near the Waterloo walking bridge, some extra signage might help but you'll find it.

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This was such an unexpectedly wonderful show, I went expecting a smaller scale typical cabaret, but actually it was amazing! From the venue, to

the production and especially the acts. They got a great mix of your usual cabaret acts, with that extra umph as well as a few unexpected and a bit different acts. I was engaged from start to finish, it kept me guessing what was coming next, and I was never not entertained by an act. Some of my favourites include bubbles, tennis racquets, a sexy book and a lamp post. The energy was great from the performers and the audience, especially for a Tuesday night, think it would be even better at a weekend.

They encourage you to get up and go to the bar freely, only downside is the rows of chairs are very narrow so it's not so easy to get up and down with out upsetting your neighbours!!

Great show! :-)

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When I found myself entering the Spiegeltent at the South Bank on a Tuesday night, I had no idea what was in store. My friend had dragged me along last minute claiming something about a tennis racket- and there I was! However, if you fancy a night of pure, bonkers, and thrilling entertainment, check out La Soiree before it leaves in January. 

The acts themselves are fantastic; all are professional and provide wow factor moments, whether that's singing, acrobatics or juggling, yet all have a quirky, humorous twist so it becomes like no other show you have seen before. A personal favourite was the Dirty Diablo man who turned a regular circus trick into an act that was side splittingly funny. You can't help but cringe when one man dislocates his shoulders so he can fit through a tennis racket (now it makes sense!), but he does it in such a humorous and crazy way, you can't take our eyes off him!

With a bar which is open throughout the whole performance, it promises to be a fun filled night. The entire production is slick and although the night is bonkers, you also leave with an appreciation of the skills of all the acts. Get tickets before they pack up and move out!

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Brilliant show, with fantastic acts!

I went to La Soiree last year and loved it, so I had to return as soon I heard they were back.

The show can probably be summed up as circus with a twist. They take regular juggling and acrobatic acts and put a twist to it so that it becomes something like unique.

The stars of the show are probably the English Gents. Two guys who do the most amazing acrobatic feats, whilst casually reading a newspaper.

This is a really fun show and I can highly recommend seeing it. They have a bar, so I think this works really well as a night out with friends.

What to expect: Comedy, juggling, magic, singing, acrobatics, burlesque

What not to expect: Lions, elephants and a standard circus routine

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Many of the reviews on here are from the 2011/12 run so Time Out needs to have a clearout!

Went Sunday 30th November and we had a great night, Saulo & Anna on the aerial pole are perfect, Asher Treleaven did a great diabolo routine and Hamish McCann was great on the pole. Also David & Fofo on the trapeze and playing with Ping Pong balls were amazing, lots of skill.

Scotty the blue bunny was.... special and Puddles Pity Party can really sing. Also Jonathan Burns is dangerous on the toilet!

Can't recommend this show enough, we saw it as La Clique back at the Hippodrome 5 yrs ago and only 2 of the acts we saw before were on tonight, so seeing new acts was perfect, some of whom haven't performed in the UK before joining this run of La Soiree.

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Great value, great fun.

I don't know what everyone below was expecting, but given that the reviews are mostly from two years ago, I feel we should have an update for 2014. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, laughed along (quite a lot!) and were very impressed by all the acrobatics. Some people may compare it to Cirque du Soleil, but I feel that is a little unfair, given the price and ambition! For what we paid (not much) it was great and I'd highly recommend it.

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I went with my friends and we all had a great time. I've read about it before, so I knew what's it going to be about. Funny, witty show with (too) amazing acrobatics, good looking fellas and some nudity (I've expected more, tbh, but hey - take it as a starter :-) I can't recommend enough. Reading some reviews here, I'm asking myself if we've seen the same show. 


This is our second La Soiree performance and it was equally as enjoyable. We saw our first performance in 2014 back in Brisbane. Since then, we have been actively promoting it to all our friends and family. It is equal parts funny, crude and cringe, which makes it for a great night out. Throughout the performance, if you're not on the edge of your seat, holding your breath, then you're most probably laughing uncontrollably, I know this statement may be controversial, but La Soiree to me is a fun-loving little cousin of Cirque du Soleil. I couldn't recommend it highly enough, even if I tried.

This show was just fantastic! I went along with my friends and made an evening of it with dinner and drinks. The show has a line up of many different acts, all different and daring but in many ways. You will be amazed, you will be shocked, you may even cringe! Set with a fantastic soundtrack, you and your friends will enjoy this show! 


I went to this show on a Tuesday night, the seating is first to come first serve in the different sections you pay for. On this particular night, the theatre was very quiet so we didn't struggle for seats. 

The show consisted of some very "out there" acts, some were great and some just plain weird, but still very enjoyable. I do feel that the theatre setting might not be right for this show, it should be in a tent with the stage in the middle. Like it was when it was on the South Bank.

I did enjoy the show but I wouldn't pay more than £20 for it. 


I love Xmas, not just because it's the festive holiday season but the cheeky cabaret (and risque) that shows it brings. La Soiree does not disappoint and I can happily say that it is one of the best cabaret show I’ve seen in London, and believe me, I’ve seen a few in my lifetime - big call!

It’s cheeky, naughty and spectacular. Taking over the Aldwych theatre which once hosted Beautiful! The Carole King Musical, you’ll laugh out till your tummy hurts at the hilarious Amy G, you’ll gawp in amazement at the death-defying stunts of the Chilly Brother’s acrobatics, you’ll be captivated by the grace of ex-gymnasts Leon and Klodi’s sensual act, you’ll be hypnotised by Symone spell-binding rhythmic hula-hoop moves and more.

It’s only 1 hour and a half and while it may seem short, every minute is packed with something to laugh and amaze you. There’s going to be audience participation so if you want to avoid this, then I highly recommend avoiding the front few seats!

So worth seeing, I agree with Timeout when they say this show would be brilliant for hen/stag parties or debauched office parties. One of the best shows in town over the Xmas season, I highly recommend seeing La Soiree this festive season.

I had the chance of seeing La Soirée a couple of years ago in the Southbank circus venue and was wondering how their debut in the West End would happen. It feels different but it's such a great entertainment for a night out! Big laughs, breathtaking acrobatic performances and a lot nudity and naughty comments (it feels a bit too much sometimes) The multi-million-pound refurbishment of the Aldwych Theatre is another reason to go. It's beautiful and couldn't be more suitable for La Soirée performances. Be aware that the seats are unreserved! Enjoy the fun!


A brilliant show with an amazing and extremely talented line up. The variety of acts ranged from super impressive acrobatics to saucy comedy and nudity. The only negative for the night was that the seats were unreserved, so it was very hectic being seated when the doors opened at 7.30. My boyfriend and I had a great night and laughed throughout the comedy performances. With a bit of everything for everyone, this show is a must!


A hilariously entertaining, surprisingly fun, whirlwind show that brings the best of circus arts, dance and theatre together for one knockout show. Forget thinking about the intermission or when the show will end, as you'll be guessing at ever act about what is going to happen next. Not for the faint hearted as it's fast paced and super crude with some surprise nudity sprinkled throughout. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it for anyone looking for a quirky show that'll have you laughing in knots by the end.


I have seen La soiree show before in Southbank and I love it there, I was then really excited to see it again!

All the sets have changed which is a good surprise. Some extremely interesting people to see and a hilarious Amy G.

I have enjoyed the most artists but I was seating in the dress circle but unfortunately that means that you can barely see the mini stage in front of the actual stage and then miss quite a bit of the fun. 
I thought that was the big downside of the Aldwych theatre compare to Southbank where the public is all on the same level and the stage is higher.
To sum up, I would that La Soiree is a great show but if you want to enjoy it fully, make sure you get seats on the ground floor!


When I got my tickets to the show, I had been warned not to bring anyone aged under 18 with me. Indeed, had I not followed this piece of advice, I would have had a lot of atonomical explanations to do after the show.

A night with la Soiree promises to be hilarious, impressive and generally delightful. You will get a mix of - very saucy - comedy, super impressive acrobatic acts and genitals. Yes, I did say genitals. That was by far the most surprising piece of the show and got everyone into stitches as nothing is funnier than a classic naked man.

Warning: Be careful if getting seats close to the stage. You might be the receptacle for chewed banana, pubic hair and other saliva.


What a weird, but ultimately enjoyable show - I was actually crying with laughter at parts.  This is probably not one for any sensitive souls as there is quite a bit of adult content - you'll never look at a banana the same way again...  However, this is more than just cheap laughs and some of the acts are phenomenal - the physicality on display is awesome.  I think the tickets are expensive, but go if there's a deal on. 


I've seen La Soiree two or three times before, at both Roundhouse and South Bank Big Top, and did think it worked better in those venues, but this was still a great night out. All the acts were different to what I've seen before, so totally safe to go again if you've been before! There was a good range of different acts, some of them totally insane, and we enjoyed them all.

The humour is definitely for 18+, and there was some nudity, so maybe don't bring your nan....


La Soireé = Good, Clean, Filthy Fun.

I was lucky enough to see La Soireé a few year back in the Spiegel tent at SouthBank, and I have to say for me personally I preferred that setting, although they tried to make it casual and intimate I still felt like i was sitting in a beautiful fancy theatre that is the Aldwych Theatre, and I felt like I couldn't whoop and holler as much as I would in a more intimate circus vibe setting. I also felt like the acts where a bit more polished the last time I saw it, The blue bunny was definitely missed this time around!

Having said all that it was still a wonder for the eyes and enjoyment for the nasty side to us we all have. +18 is definitely recommended and people who don't get offended easily. 

Great Christmas night out! Highly enjoyable, all you have to do is don't take yourself or anything too seriously, get a few (A LOT of) drinks, sit back and relax and enjoy the wonderfully beautiful impressive family of circus misfits!


Oh what a night!!!

La Soireé indeed ...if only all Soireés could be this eventful!

My friend had mentioned to me that she'd seen them a few years back and had enjoyed herself but it didn't prepare me for the good time I was in store For!!

Ok first things first.. the jokes are a little on the wild side... slightly crass at times but still and always entertaining!

There are a variety of acts so you never know what's next. The acrobats were amazing,the music groovy and the jokes funny. I honestly couldn't recommend it enough! My mother laughed the whole way through it and thanked me for dragging her along! What a night indeed!


La Soiree is my cup of tea! 

Funny, colourful and full of entertainment. I love these type of cabaret shows as they really showcase the amazing feats that the human body can do. I'm in awe of all the acts I saw on the night- especially  the hair raising talents of an aerial act. 

Without giving to much away, you will never look at a banana the same way again and two men dancing with towels have never been as funny.

La Soiree is a great way to spend a couple of hours. You will laugh, gasp and be on the edge of your seats. A great fun filled night out. 

I'm off to join the circus! 


A lovely way to spend an evening, La Soirée brings various and diverse acts into a single show. On Monday, I had the opportunity to see the show at their new location, Aldwych Theatre. I didn't know what to expect because I've never been to a show like this, so I was quite entertained and surprised!

I enjoyed how each act was different and each brought their own form of entertainment, even when it was by the same individual. One of the funniest of the night had to be Amy G. She was truly funny in her acts and had me and the audience laughing all the way! I also enjoyed the line-up of the show. It became increasingly funny and included acts with a significant amount of gymnastics. 

Definitely a different type of show and I like that each night is meant to be slightly different, depending on what acts you get to see! This keeps it fresh, and even allows you to come back multiple times per season and expect something new. The show lasted a good amount of time in total and is ideally located, making a meal before convenient. 


This is such a unique and different experience to anything you would get in a theatre. I feel really privileged to witness such feats of superhuman strength and also artistic prowess. Warning: DO NOT sit in the stalls or on the POSH seats on stage unless you are REALLY keen and don't mind intense audience interaction. The audience on my evening were really sporting and made the already great show even better. The acts seem to rotate night on night but there are some general "main" acts. I was really shocked by some of the acts (I won't spoil the surprise) in mostly a good way. At times I was holding my breath because of the danger these performers put themselves in and really feared for their safety but they were completely adept and professional and made these impossible feats look so so easy. DO NOT try this at home. Just pay up and go and watch the show! 


It's pretty outrageous and ridiculous. I think the first half was much better than the second, mainly as it contained most of the gymnastic/strength acts and the unbelievable hula hoop performance. Would urge some caution on the venue though, try to get there early as the seats are unreserved and you need to be closer to the front to be able to see


I saw an earlier version of La Soirée some years ago and really enjoyed it so was really excited to see it again and I was sorely disappointed.

Some of the acts are incredible and will make you (briefly) consider taking up gymnastics. Unfortunately there are a few acts who have repeat performances and their tacky, crass and at times, disgusting type of 'comedy' is not funny to me, nor what I would expect or really want to see on a West End stage.

As with all shows of this nature, sit at the front or on stage at your peril because there is plenty of hands on audience interaction and you may find yourself under a spotlight in front of a full theatre.

As mentioned in a previous comment, this could be great for a hen do or (really relaxed) Christmas party as there is plenty of humor that requires alcohol to be funny and a fair amount of nudity to boot.


Perfect Christmas Circus/ Cabaret night out.

Really amazing trapeze artists, mind boggling act with a lot of hoola hoops, things you wouldn't believe with a couple of bananas, and more. A great deal of fun, just three warnings : it is an adult show ,with a fair amount of adult humour, & if you book the posh (expensive) seats you may find yourself part of the act, and finally go early if you would like a decent seat as most of the seats (apart from the posh ones) are not allocated, and you will need to select your seat when you arrive.

Note : there is a matinee show which is more suitable for a younger audience (I guess without the adult humour) 


La Soiree is a funny and jaw-dropping mix of circus and cabaret, one performer after another make you discover different circus arts (hula hoop, acrobatics etc.), all of it with comedy breaks. The show is clearly raucous and racy, a perfect night out with your girl squad, not so good with your children or date (they may end up kissing or dancing with one of the performer anyway haha!). My favourite were clearly Mallakhamb India, an incredible number of acrobatics, think pole dance but with very strong men and you get an idea of what's going to happen! Would happily go back!


I was expecting a tired cabaret set but I could not have been proved more wrong. The multi-national performers drew gasps from the audience for their supreme physically honed skills and daring. I really liked the Chilly Brothers, Lea Hinz, Mallakhamb India and Michele Clark, the spell-binding Hula-Hooper. Even the comedic acts like Amy G and Daredevil Chicken kept the show ticking along at a decent tempo. I enjoyed their dysfunctional level of humour even though it might offend some people's sensibilities. I will never look at a banana the same way!

My only gripe was that the view from the Grand Circle meant that you missed a few elements of the show though in hindsight this might have been a blessing for some.  


I'd heard great things about La Soiree, so was very excited to get the chance to see the latest run in Leicester Square. Sadly, I was disappointed. This show was not my cup of tea - especially on a sober Monday night. The crude jokes from the cheesey 'comedy' acts felt pretty cheap. The theatre setting felt totally wrong - a hall with the audience all on one level would have made for a much more immersive experience. I did enjoy some of the more skilled acts who helped add a much more fun circus vibe to the show. I think this could be a great laugh for a big girls night out/hen do, but for me it just wasn't the hit I was hoping it would be.


This cabaret/circus evening is great fun! Many of the cabaret acts that play in the infamous BOX have an act in this show- obviously more tamed. There is spectator participation if you are at the front- a couple that were clearly on a date has the man bought on stage to be kissed by a performer- this did not please the poor lady on the date- to my amusement. The reason for the star removal is that it comes hard to watch if you are a bit further back which is not ideal- but this is very much worth going. 


Fabulous fun! I’m often a tricky customer when it comes to on stage comedy but these guys know how to surprise and delight with original and down right silly antics between each seriously skilled performance or hair raising stunt. There’s a bit of everything for everyone in short bursts of outrageous entertainment and all in a beautiful and surprisingly intimate setting.


If you’re a fan of the “most amazing BGT acts ever” videos on youtube, you’d love La Soiree. It’s all the best novelty/variety acts, performed by people who must have had years of training to perfect it. Forget all you know about in-theatre etiquette: even when the audience arrive we are told to ignore the typical silence in auditoriums and cheer as much and as loud as we wanted. It was perfect for a girls’ night out, although not as riskee as we’d anticipated. Highlights for me were the incredible puppeteers. Generally, it was very entertaining, the cast mainly consisting of beautiful men, and powerful women.

A word of advice on seating: they’re unallocated tickets, so if (like me) you’re sitting in the dress circle, make sure you get there early so you can nab a good seat, as occasionally our view was obstructed by people in front.

However, the whole theatre was transformed into an exciting circus ring, filled with incredible performers. Extra credit to the staff at the Aldwych theatre who were all so friendly and smiled always. 


La Soiree is a mix of all kinds of entertainment themed around a travelling circus. The show's been travelling the world for years now and, returning to London, features some regulars and some new and guest acts as well. You'll be dazzled by two incredibly strong balancing British businessmen, watch a hand balance act from Vegas on top of a motorbike, see a very peculiar guy thread himself through two tennis racquets and even be treated to a Mills and Boon reading with a difference. You're also actively encouraged to get up and grab yourself a drink at any time which is rare when watching a performance! It's great fun so if you want to be entertained, get down to the South Bank before the show ends on January 15th 2016.

What a great evening's entertainment in a tent! We did not know what to expect but were thoroughly entertained by some incredible acrobatics, extremely funny performers and very bendy dude. 

The venue is a beautiful setting with all the amenities required for a great night out. I highly recommend this show.


To be honest, I was expecting La Soiree to be a cheesy circus show, but I was very pleasantly surprised! La Soiree is a fantastic mix of comedy, acrobatics, burlesque and many more unexpected acts. The whole show from start to finish was so entertaining and I never knew what was coming next! Every performer was so incredibly talented and brought their own unique aspect to the show. I don't want to give away too much because part of the enjoyment of the show is not knowing what to expect. All I can say is that La Soiree makes for an awe-inspiring, funny, shocking, incredible night out!!


Walking in, you are greeted with a great atmosphere. Memories of circus performances from the past flood through my mind. With a large variety of acts, there isn't really time to let your mind wander. The show keeps you engaged throughout and never feels like it's 2 hours long. There is definitely a big gulf between performers however, although a lot of this will be down to personal preference. For me, several acts just didn't push the boundaries far enough or came out with routines I'd seen countless times before (my father loves the circus so I have been to quite a few!). Some seemed superfluous to the show with their fellow entertainers performing similar or better routines. 

Standout routines have to be The English Gents (nothing new here but a well thought out Strong man act), the brilliant slapstick comedy routine of contortionist Captain Frodo and the utterly mesmerising bubble act from Denis Lock. What adds even more weight to the two performances from Denis Lock are how they juxtapose each other. From brute strength to dexterity( both requiring a good understanding of physics), he could well have a been a character straight out the the video game Street Fighter.

Ultimately, there are better circus's out there but if you want a good night out, or just something different, you can't really go wrong. For those circus aficionados, go anyway just to take in the routines from Denis Lock and Captain Frodo. 

We had great fun last evening at this show. Most of the performers were quite amazing. We were either laughing out loud or holding our breath in anticipation for most of the show.

The only person I felt sorry for was the poor audience guy who got called out as a supporting feature in Mooky's act, though he was a really good sport about it.

The English Gents were hands down the most amazing part of the show for us. The bubble blowing and the final pole dance were the sparkles on the cherries on the icing on the cake.

Mario, Mooky, Frodo & Asher were hilarious. I'll never be able to read another "romantic" scene in any novel again without remembering Asher's book reading act. And my sister, inspired by Frodo, wants to carry confetti with her everywhere & sprinkle when needed.

Loved the show, might just watch it again with some other friends who could do with a good laugh.

I didn't realise you could laugh so hard, scream so loud and be so amazed that you'd give yourself a headache! Last night I went to La Soiree and experienced things I didn't think I would. I have never seen such daring acrobatics, such silly slapstick, gravity defying feats and slick, stylised acts. Not to mention audience participation and beautiful singing. There was even a crowd surf. When did Tuesday become the new Friday? Go to La Soiree, you won't be disappointed. Did I mention the bubbles, oh my the bubbles with that music and that commentary, beautiful, just beautiful. Go! See for yourself!

A really fun night out - lots of variety, some eye-opening acts, great atmosphere, wonderful space. Recommended.

Fantastic evening--great skills,humour and talent in diverse well paced acts--great 'feel good' factor--perfect venue--left smiling!


I'll start with my only criticism - Wondergound itself is a little tricky to find - just follow the rainbow fencing and turn right at the bottom of the slope, just before the restaurants.  

I don't want to give anything away but I was lucky enough to see this show last night and it's just the best show in town at the moment.  I laughed, I ooh'd and ah'd, I held my breath, I cringed and was even moved.  This show basically has everything you could want on an evening out, it's true entertainment at its best and I promise you won't fail to be enchanted by the weird and wonderful cast of La Soiree.  I can't wait to go back! 

For sheer entertainment value this show was incredible. Very talented performers, great fun. With one act in particular (the contortionist) I laughed more than I have in years. Despite the photo, it is not a gigantic hen-night. Go!!!

UPDATE IN 2015: To all 1star reviewers below ...sorry but l must have been to completely different show! It was fantastic. It WILL make you laugh & will make you go "woah" more than once. I recommended it to all my friends now:) 

Such a great night out. I was skeptical because l really don't like circus and would never pay to go to see one...but this is NOT a circus show. It's a very talented & funny group of people that will keep you entertained from 1st to the last minute. Great variety - moving swiftly from impressive acrobatics, bit of magic, bit of stand up comedy & cabaret. 

PS. You would be pleased to know that its is an ADULT show (strong-ish language & sexual nature content). Just go & enjoy it!

La Soirée is an amazing show. I don't want to go into great detail about what goes on as I want to save the surprise for anyone lucky enough to go. They have everything from comedy, music, shows of strength from acts that will leave you amazed and in awe. The balance of the show feels just right, there is never a dull moment and for me was one of the best shows I have seen for a long time.

I any tips I would suggest if you're in the ringside get there about 45 minutes before the show starts to get the best seats and it's a cash bar for food and drink

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