Miss Saigon

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© Matthew MurphyEva Noblezada (Kim)
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BOOM. CRASH. RRRAAAARGH. Forget that puny new 'Godzilla' movie – here’s a real big beast of a blockbuster, the return of Cameron Mackintosh’s melodramatic monster hit ‘Miss Saigon’. If you want spectacle, lung-power, Big Emotions and a life size model helicopter, ‘Miss Saigon’ has all them in spades. If you want three dimensional characters or a sense of humour – well bad luck, ‘Miss Saigon’ takes a steaming dino-dump on the concepts of depth and light relief and trudges on. Oh, and of course  ‘Miss Saigon’ stomps on reviews: this new revival set a one-day West End sales record when it went on sale, and it’s just extended its booking period by six months.

Whether it’ll stick around for as long as Nick Hytner’s original production of Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil’s Vietnam-set musical is another matter.

That production did, of course, have the great Jonathan Pryce in the role of sleazy Eurasian pimp The Engineer. For all the controversy around his yellow face casting, an actor of his calibre is clearly needed to impose some cohesion on the epic spectacle. That’s not to be unduly disrespectful to new Engineer Jon Jon Briones, who is the strongest thing about Laurence Connor’s revival - a ratty, sinewy survivor with a real air of danger to him. But he’s almost too earthy and not boomingly thespy enough, never really able to take the production by the scruff of the neck until his raucous tour de force final number ‘The American Dream’ (which he does absolutely nail).

Most disappointing are Eva Noblezada and Alistair Brammer as starcross’d lovers Kim and Chris, the virtuous Vietnamese virgin and the American GI who falls for her, before they’re cruelly ripped apart during the fall of Saigon. The roles are flat as pancakes – they’re not characters at all, just walking ciphers, defined solely by their tragedy – but Noblezada and Brammer’s blandly forceful pop voices ad nothing in the way of added depth or gravitas; they are subsumed by the spectacle.

But what spectacle! From the go-go bar at the start to the skeletal Statue of Liberty at the end, ‘Miss Saigon’ is a magnificent-looking production, with Bruno Poet’s lighting almost certainly the best I’ve ever seen. Everything takes place in sumptuous gloom, the streets of Saigon and Bangkok conjured by shadowy huts and suggestive blurs of neon, but the cast are picked out perfectly. And Schönberg’s score is warm, rich and beautifully orchestrated, with Boublil’s lyrics sensitive to all the characters’ suffering, if not a lot more.

So Mackintosh’s monster musical still impresses, but one wonders if even the Mack really knows how to control a show this big anymore. Lots of tragedy, but where’s the humanity?

By: Andrzej Lukowski


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I cant start to describe how much i loved this show! I love theatre and musicals they draw some kinda forgotten emotions out of me. Miss Saigon gave me smiles, tears and laughs. The cast is terrific and American Dream was the most amusing song of them all. A must see!!!


I love this show, even though it left me a blubbering mess.  The production is amazing, especially the helicopter scene which is done really well.  The actors who play the main characters are fantastic, especially The Engineer and John Thomas.  The ‘American Dream’ is worth the ticket money alone, though probably not one for those who are a little sensitive...  Worth seeing before the show ends in a few weeks.


Harrowing, moving, passionate, exhilarating- these are just some of the words I'd use to describe Miss Saigon. From the moment it began, I was immersed in war-torn Vietnam and I didn't emerge until the curtains went up. I must say that I did find the storyline somewhat predictable and at times the characters of Kim and Chris did grate a bit (just my personal opinion), however the all-consuming passion and the powerful musical numbers more than made up for that. Plus the stand-out performance from The Engineer deserves a mention- both repugnant and hilarious, he’s definitely a character you’ll either love or hate. The set, costumes and music were all great, and the massive helicopter was very impressive, however the ending left me aghast, how can it finish like that! I heard the show is ending in February so if you want to see a fabulous West End show that will give your emotions a good old battering, then book Miss Saigon before it ends!

Taking the time of watching the show from my limited vacation days is worth the time!!! It has awaken my thoughts on a part of history as well as how miserably life and love can be in times of war. The music, actors and stage effects were great! I was moved by the story!


You are in the heart of Soho, but for 3 hours you are going to be transferred to Saigon & Vietnam. A love story between a Saigon's bargirl and US soldier with so many twists... A different version of the classic Madame Butterfly story. Excellent music, excellent direction and excellent scenic design. What else can you ask for a great night out?


Tears and Laughter, Bells and Whistles!

Full on sensory battering, emotion manipulating musical.

Over ambitious and over achieving!

Extravagant, Ostentatious and great entertainment.

You will have missed a classic big production West End musical if you do not see it before it closes in Feb 2016.


The best show I have seen in the last years! And I have seen lots in London and NYC. Eva is just so awesome and the production is unexpected. Absolutely fantastic.

I am buying tickets for my parents to go when they come visit :) It is definetely worth the money!

I liked Time Out's review of the original production. I forget the exact wording but it was along the lines of: "No amount of bombast and fake chinoiserie can redeem this tuneless bore."


Ohhh dear, I should have read this review before booking; sadly I didn't. I fell for the hype... too many maudlin songs. The leads were rather wet and the only redeeming feature was The Engineer, he had some great songs and wonderful set pieces; more of those and my review would have been 4 stars. The love songs went on way way too long and there are only so many grey faced and slow laments you can listen to without much to look at. 

The helicopter was good but they missed a trick there and it could have been better used. I do think that the actor who played The Engineer did a stand up job and he was easily the best thing about it and had he not been so good I would have likely given it 1 star. 

Read the Timeout review, it's spot on. Do NOT fall for the hype. The ending of the musical leaves way too much to be desired, there is also a strange time jump which is initially not explained (they could easily have bridged it more elegantly with a couple lines... If you like slow songs that you won't be humming or singing upon your exit and don't mind an ending that peters out then book now.

I don't usually write reviews, but I had to say something considering that the one given on this website is ridiculous. Miss saigon is by far the  best thing I've seen in the west end, and I've seen quite a few including les mis, wicked, book of mormon, all of which pale in comparison. I'm surprised this isn't the longest running musical, but I think this is because the older version (which the author of the review preferred) wasn't as good. I've seen the older version and this one hits it out of the park.

It's a great story, well produced, but the best thing about it is the music. There's maybe one song that I'm not fussed about, but every other one is absolutely superb, and that's without the fantastic singers from the cast- again, the author of the review was very harsh on the engineer (best part of the musical) and the leading lady (outstanding voice), but they were perfect, all three times I've seen it. I didn't like the leading man as much, but that's one character out of the whole thing.

There were quite a few funny parts to the musical, but I didn't think it needed more-it's not a funny subject matter, and I think it would spoil the atmosphere if there were more jokes.

If you see this musical, I'll be surprised if you don't walk out of that theatre blown away. Best thing I've seen.

Miss Saigon. Oh how I have missed you. Now you are back looking and sounding better than ever. So glad we can continue our affair.