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A new musical slotted helpfully into your lunch hours from Hatstand Productions. Following the trials and tribulations of Nicola, who goes to feed her neighbour's cat and gets a lot more than she bargained for, this dark musical comedy has music from Omar Shahryar and stars Robyn Cooper and Lily Lowe-Myers.



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This was such fun. It was short but packed with the essential - 2 women, 1 pasta sauce and a packet of  

peanuts. Do you want more? Yes- singing!

Great show, and good acting all round.  Amusing, yet poignant at the same time.  Well worth 45 minutes of your time.  The accompanist (and introducer, lighting bod etc) was outstanding and worked hard.  Obviously knows he stuff and has a good feel for theatre/music combos.  

A hugely entertaining musical! Light and touching, wonderful acting, singing and music.The best way to spend my lunch break.

This show was absolutely fantastic - funny, modern and highly entertaining.  Fantastic music and acting, and an ending I was not expecting at all. Bravo, I will definitely be back. 

Nicola is a charming musical and morality tale on self-reliance.The storyline was clever and touching.The music was well-crafted and played with finesse by its composer.Andrew Lloyd Webber take note.

I can't think of a better way of spending 45 minutes than taking a pack lunch to the Bridewell Theatre and watching three talented performers perform Nicola.  I thoroughly enjoyed today's performance, best lunch break I've had in a long time.

This is the second piece by Hatstand Production that I have seen at The Bridewell Theatre. I enjoyed the first so much that I made sure to go back again, and take my friends. I wasn't disappointed. Thoroughly enjoyable! The comedy timing of both the writing and the acting was fantastic! A well crafted piece that caused me to laugh out loud but also tackled serious content in a thoughtful entertaining manner.

Nicola O

What a wonderful way to spend a lunchtime - great musical with a good solid and entertaining story-line, strong acting and vocals - definatley be back to this hidden gem of a theatre central to most.

Pasta with peanuts or revenge for dinner? Two girls - one a lover, the other an unwittingly jilted partner decide how best to react to events. A short lunch time musical by the talented Omar Shahryar written and played to powerful effect by Lowe-Myers and Cooper

Better than lunch! A dim, subterranean bar and a fantastic performance of an intriguing mini-musical, written by Lily Lowe-Myers and performed by Lily, and Robyn Cooper, skilfully and unobtrusively accompanied by composer Omar Shahryar. I would certainly be back for any future Hatstand productions. Thank you!

An intriguing and entertaining way to spend a city lunchtime... a "chamber" musical sung and performed beautifully by the two actresses, Lilly Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper.  On the surface it's a cleverly plotted and often very funny story about betrayal and manipulation, but underneath are strong themes of emotional need, damage and finding the strength to escape one's past.  A very original piece of work... these two, and their composer Omar Shahryar, are definitely a team to watch! 

"Charming and thoughtful"

A very enjoyable production, well worth a lunchtime visit. The interplay between the characters keeps one's attention and the songs are way above average even for West End musicals.

"Is Michael nuts?"

Well, you've got to be nuts not to see 'Nicola', although perhaps not if your name is Michael.

Deep and dark it may be at times, but there is much wit and wisdom too from Lily's insightful storytelling. 

Stunning performances from Robyn and Lily, and Omar's emotive music supports, and sometimes drives, the pace of the scenes wonderfully well.

So, c'mon down to the Bridewell Theatre and enjoy a superb lunchtime feast of a different kind.  You won't be disappointed.