Week 3: Thursday Events


Week 3 begins, at 6.40pm, with 'Salty Sarah', a free foyer event by Dimitri Scarlato and librettist Alexia Anastasiadis exploring the unspoken tensions of male-female relationships against the backdrop of an intrusive fishing village. Then, at 7pm, Shadow opera Group presents 'Shadow of the Wave' by Tom Floyd

(words David Spittle). Alamar is a painter plagued by visions of a dark Surrealism. On a stay with his lover's married sister, tension rises until both love and sanity become the casualties of a psychological drama. Meanwhile, at 7.10pm, 'Insein' is performed by Boii Theatre. An experimental political opera by Chris Warner (words Eva Danickova) inspired by the story of Burma and its people. Powerful Spider is weaving a web of fear and intimidation which threatens humanity in its core. Living in fear and lies is so unbearable that to risk everything and break the web is the only alternative. Later, at 8.30pm, 'The Francis Bacon Opera' is an absurd comedy that sets the text of an interview between the painter Francis Bacon and broadcaster Melvyn Bragg, as seen on an episode of 'The South Bank Show' in 1986.The composer is Stephen Crowe. At 8.35pm, Stephen McNeff's 'A Voice of One Delight' sets words by Mary Shelley, Edward Trelawny, Lord Byron and Leigh Hunt to revela a true picture of the poet and radical thinker Percy Bysshe Shelley. Finally, at 9.40pm, 'All to Play For' tells of City FC, a troubled team with a single shot at glory in the Champions League final. Will they lift the trophy? Will true love be realised? Preview the first five scenes of this premier full-length work by Richard Knight, with libretto by Norman Welch.


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