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5 out of 5 stars
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Virtual Reality arcade

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London's first full-scale virtual reality arcade, DNA VR, is an interactive game space filled with 25 VR experiences, each one weirder than the next. Strap on the high-tech headsets and you can conquer Everest, swim with whales and try to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. They've also converted classics like Fruit Ninja and Serious Sam to be played in a VR format. It's all held in a large venue space in Holloway, so you won't bump into fellow gamers while enjoying the your 360º experience. 



Address: 400-404
York Way
N7 9LW
Transport: Kentish Town
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5 out of 5 stars

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So. Much. Fun!!

I've never tried virtual reality before and to be honest I couldn't see what the fuss was about, the screen is just a lot closer to your face. Naively, I didn't quite realise that the real world is gone completely and replaced by another which moves as you move. You're shooting robots? Better check those ones behind you!

It feels really weird at first and I'm not sure I could have carried on without the reassuring guidance and step by step instructions from the super helpful staff. It doesn't take long to grasp the concept and before you know it you're completely immersed.

The set up is separate booths so you don't need to worry about looking like an idiot to the real world. Although I'm sure it never gets boring for the staff to watch us flail about like lunatics!

There's a decent choice of games with something for everyone. You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy the experience. Sure you can shoot things if you want, but you can also face your fears at the top of a skyscraper or explore the world with Google earth or even paint your own 3D world.

I can't wait to go back and try out the virtual reality escape room with some friends.


I was never really a gamer so some of this experience was probably a little bit wasted on me. However, I had great fun and it is amazing to see how far the virtual reality world has come. The weird sensations you feel even though you are essentially standing still really disorientated me and I fell a little unsteady for the rest of the evening! The games are varied and there is something for everyone. Something fun and different to do - would recommend!


DNA VR gives gamers the chance to take their mind and body to another world through their VR headgear. 

You'll be able to play solo or compete or play along with up to 10 friends in this virtual reality gaming venue.

I played two games within my time slot which were 


It was like being in a all out war shooting each other whilst flying around. It was like being in a futuristic world of flying cars, floating buildings, elaborate sky scrapers etc.  

Arizona Sunshine

Within this game you can confront zombies.  Remember though to shoot them in the head.   I loved this game but I love zombies and anything horror related. It was extremely fun and slightly scary. I particularly loved looking around and in abandoned tents, cars, bins etc for extra ammo to help me save myself from zombies.  I even got so immersed at one stage I was stepping back and started to swing my arms everywhere telling the zombies to stay back.   

So if you love VR then I highly recommend.  I particularly loved the fact you could choose from an array of games throughout your time slot.


I’d been wanting to dip my toes into the latest advances in Virtual Reality… just not enough to actually shell out for a headset! Enter this VR arcade. We were each put in individual booths (spacious enough to not bump into anything), but we could join each other virtually in a multiplayer game. The 10 minutes spent acclimatising to the basic controls and navigation was a little bit frustrating in a one hour session, but the staff were very helpful (they even emailed me a picture I’d painted using Tilt Brush, which was very appreciated!)

I don’t think I’ll be buying my own headset anytime soon, but I’d be happy to go to a VR arcade again.

What a fun experience!!!

Now I have to confess, I am not a huge 'gamer' by any stretch of the imagination but I was blow away by this experience. Firstly I was flying around the globe, then smashing fruit with 2 samurai swords and shooting goblins with my bow and arrow. The top experience of the night was defiantly the two player shoot em up game - I loved that you were interacting with your team mate who is in another room and we had so much fun!!! 

I think the best day out here would definitely before a bucks day - a few beers, some healthy competition in the virtual world, but I would also be happy to be taken here for a first date! 

The staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable and have a real passion for what they are doing, which I always love to see. The place its self can be a little hard to find, I stood outside the door pressing the bell for 10 min before I realized that the door was actually open (and just heavy). 

I've dabbled previously into a little bit of VR but jumped in the deep end with Arizona sunshine, which scarred me for life, so DNA VR had big boots to fill, which it did. 

DNA VR has 10/12 VR sets (HTC Vive) with a range of games to offer from walking off a skyscraper (much more scarier than it sounds), teaming up to kill robots to all sorts of arcade games. There is something for everyone. 

The staff are all ready friendly, helpful and of course patient (which is important), and they even provide little paper eye covers for hygiene purposes - very fancy. 

The place itself is a little hard to spot as it's right next to a kickboxing place, which you will smell way before you go downstairs to enter the rooms (it doesn't smell in the VR place don't worry). 

Overall, I really enjoyed my evening and managed to go on way more games than expected within a 2 hour period, thanks to the efficient staff. I've even bought my two brothers sessions for their birthdays and they loved it! The only thing I'd mention is that if you're an advanced VR player, looking for scary games this might not be the place for you yet.

Tip: Make sure your headphones are on during the game as it makes it way more fun!


I've never tried Virtual Reality before, and it's hard to explain why you need to try this...but you do!! The entrance is a bit tricky, it looks like a seedy place and it's hard to miss. Once you get in there are two rooms divided into cubicals by cloth barriers. I chose to kill robots, which was a two player game. They helped us to put on the headset which went over my glasses reasonably comfortably. Then the headphones over that, and finally put controllers on my hands. They are similar to WII controllers. The staff were excellent at setting things up and making sure we were ok.

It is extremely disconcerting and I felt slightly queasy if I moved my head too quickly. I wish I could explain to you just how cool this is. I looked down to see my virtual hands moving as I moved. The game is 360 so robots come from all around you and even though you know in your head it isn't real, it's very hard to convince yourself once it starts. It made me jump a couple of times, startled by robots creeping up on me. I can see how people could easily play away the hours. I was exhausted after my turn!

They also had a drawing game, fruit ninja, archery, walk the plank and several others. They offer a zombie shooting game, virtual escape rooms, climbing Mt Everest and many more.

I would definitely do this again!


I love virtual reality experience and DNA VR is definately a great place for VR games. Having tried before VR games, I can recommend DNA VR as they have a great variety of games (almost 30), for any kind of taste. There are about 10 different VR stations where you can visit either by yourself or with friends and even play together in the same game as a team. The 2 gamers experience is unique; I tried the robot game and I was thrilled! They offer slots of 30min or 1 hour and for group of friends provide discount prices.


Having never tried VR in any form, I was very excited about DNA. I have played the usual Xbox and PlayStation games, and I enjoy the competitiveness of these games. It took me all of the 5mins to fall in love with the games and concept. I played a few shooting games and 3D painting game and a few more. The staff were incredible and explained each game before you started.  My absolute favourite was a game called Raw Data where you can play with another player and take on waves of robots. I got so wrapped up in this game I could have played for hours, even days if they would let me.  It's a great experience and I would definitely recommend it for an event or birthday celebration. I'm already planning a trip back. 


This is allegedly the very first VR room in London – though not the first one in the UK.

Go there and you're in for a super fun time! They have about 30 games on offer at the moment and you can try as many of them as you want within the slot you pay for.

They have only been open for a month and a half so they are testing the games to see what people are the most into so they can eventually develop their own games depending on what the people wants.

Open everyday of the week, for 30 pounds per hour - off peak – this weird area (Lower Holloway) game room offers every type of game from Ninja Fruit to bow and arrow shooting going through robot shooting, painting, a plank in the sky or a ridiculously cool Google Earth roaming experience.

Fair warning: geeking has never been so physical – I went last night and my arms actually hurt!


I am not a huge gamer, but holy goodness, this place was fun. 

The place is set up with many different large spaces to fully enjoy a VR experience (and without any embarrassment of looking dorky swiping around the air with a mask on, as there are privacy curtains in every game).

They have a wide selection of games including Archer, Fruit Ninja and an insanely amazing drawing game where you can create a digital world with your art. 

I would wholly recommend this place for a co-worker outing or a birthday party as the VR games are a great ice-breaker and gets the team moving. Great alternative to an Escape room, mini golf or bowling for a group activity. 


This was a fun experience and a great option to do with a group of mates. I was lucky to have a go at quite a lot of stuff. You can play with a friend and shoot robots and drones - that has to be my favourite. Despite being in different booths you can communicate with your partner through a headset so there's no risk of any collisions. It was so fun. I also played the VR version of Fruit Ninja which provided quite a work out - bye bye bingo wings! If futuristic guns and ninja swords aren't your weapons of choice then defending your fort with a bow and arrow was pretty fun. 

And if games aren't really your thing the drawing game was awesome. It was so addictive seeing your doodles flash neon and go 3D around your body. Standing in space, was already mind boggling. Google Earth was great too (though I still got lost). For those who really want to push themselves the plank was really cool - walking out of a skyscraper on a plank of wood was awesome but not for those with a fear of heights. 

Staff were extremely helpful and friendly. If you needed help (and I needed a lot) then they were there.

This was an immersive experience and totally recommended if you fancy something different.

This was my first time in the virtual reality world and I seriously didn't want to leave :-)

In the space of about two hours I had the opportunity to play a whole lot of games and try out some brilliant experiences (amongst which Google Earth VR, QuiVR, Light Blade VR, Tilt Brush by Google, Space Pirate Trainer and Richie's Plank Experience). They already have an extensive list of titles, however the lovely staff members I got to chat to told me they are constantly looking to expand their selection and are even working on their own applications.

The place is so much more than a gamers' den, it's ideal for people who love exploring and experiencing new things, for creative souls and for those who want something a little different. I'm already thinking of getting a group of my friends together and going back there for a VR Escape Room experience.

With ten or so different booths, DNA VR offers a great selection of virtual reality games including an addictive archery game, classic shoot outs and a remarkably unnerving plank-walking experience. 

However, if you're looking for something a little more relaxing, you can always explore the Grand Canyon on Google Earth or, in my personal favourite, try out 3D-painting using Tilt Brush. 

Whatever your preference, each game offers fascinating insights into what virtual reality can achieve and it's frequently stunning. Plus, you'll be amazed how quickly you get used to the headset and the imaginary world around you.

DNA VR's super helpful staff were on hand to help throughout and the venue itself is really well set up, but it does get a bit warm after you've been fighting off killer robots, so some fans would be a welcome addition! 

Nonetheless, if you've ever been intrigued by the idea of virtual reality or just want to try something a bit different, then you should definitely check out DNA VR.


My first time doing anything even vaguely Virtual Reality-esque and it was brilliant. 

A tad tricky to find, you'll want to head down York Way and look for a tiny door with a sign for a boxing gym as well as DNA VR (it's next to the Nisa Local, if that helps). You'll walk down some shared access steps that are a bit grotty and smell a bit gym-esque but don't be deterred.

You walk into a reception room that is clean and tidy and the staff are super friendly. Beyond the reception area, there are pop up booths, with soft walls and nothing within them besides some state of the art VR equipment. It's not a lot to look at in the flesh, so to speak, but once you get the VR goggles and earphones on, you're transported to a thousand different worlds and it's absolutely mesmerising. 

It's very hard to explain what the sensation is like, putting on some goggles, then feeling like you're going up 20 flights of stairs, walking out of the door onto a plank and jumping off. Of course, your feet are firmly on the ground in the 'real world' but 'jumping' (aka stepping down an inch off a board IRL) was absolutely terrifying! 

I tried out a few different games including one where my work pal and I shot arrows at a whole host of approaching bad guys. By the end I was really embracing my inner Catniss Everdeen and was popping those arrows out like a real badass. You can chat to your pals as you play so it helps you not feel too freaked out or totally immersed if you are new to VR. Tip, if you're a bit nervous, ask to have one headphone on and one off - I found it really helps. 

Massive thanks to the team who had us down for a special Tastemaker visit; their instructions, advice and general friendliness made it a real joy to try out VR for the first time. The only things I'd recommend adding to the venue would be a cold water fountain (or a vending machine to buy cold drinks from) and perhaps some aircon or fans for a hot day as you get very warm thrashing about in your VR games. That said, I loved it and I would definitely bring people back here for something a bit different. Bravo! 

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