Dungeon After Dark

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This Halloween, journey back in time to London's plague-ridden streets (rotting corpses, rats, vile boils and projectile vomiting all come as standard) and meet some of the city's unsavoury characters as The London Dungeon opens its doors until 10pm for a fright night special. Guy Fawkes will be in attendance, as well as demon barber Sweeney Todd. A cast of blood-splattered actors are joined by 'virtual' guests (such as Brian Blessed as Henry VIII) and, as well as the 18 different shows and 'surprises' – which could see you on the run from 'Jack the Ripper' or getting lost in London's Victorian sewers – there are two rides to raise the adrenaline: a turbulent boat trip down the Thames towards execution, and a dark drop ride plunging three stories in the pitch black. And as if that wasn't enough, for six weeks (sep 25-Nov9), the Dungeon will be putting on a pumpkin-filled Halloween production and offering a 'home brew' and 'trick or treat' lolly (will it be delicious or disgusting?) to every guest.

Note that the London Dungeon is unsuitable for young or easily scared children.


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