London Pleasure Gardens CANCELLED

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London Pleasure Gardens CANCELLED

London Pleasure Gardens sees the transformation of the derelict, ex-industrial Pontoon Dock into a pleasure garden featuring round-the-clock music, arts, cafés and bars. The Gardens aim to revive the centuries-old tradition of pleasure gardens in London; in fact the Royal Docks had its own such garden between 1851 and 1884. Attractions include landscaped walkways, a wilderness meadow, RIBA-designed follies, street art by Shepard Fairey, RISK, Ron English and others graffiti legends, an oyster and champagne bar, two permanent music/arts venues, the 'harbour garden' installation made in collaboration with local community groups, and Silo D, a listed building with a purpose-built earthwork in front of it to accommodate audiences for projections, pyrotechnics shows and other events. Events scheduled over the summer include firework displays, music festivals and promenade performances.

London Pleasure Gardens Ltd has been placed into administration.The Joint Administrators understand that all events planned to take place were cancelled before their appointment and there are no plans to reinstate them at this time.


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officially gone bankrupt. strange, that an organisation gets MILLIONS OF POUNDS from the local council, turns a derelict site into...well, a derelict site. uses unpaid colunteers to staff the place.... fills the internet with fake "positive" reviews and photoshopped press pictures..... puts out of business one of the UKs most important underground music festivals (BLOC) and a load of market traders (the ones who set up food stalls at extortionate prices, then didnt get any customers) plus seriously hurting various other promoters and festivals, either through hugely reduced footfall, or having to find alternative venues once the lies of LPG's claims are laid clear to see and the conning chancers, the scumbag scammers, the self-aggrandising bull---- artists who did this, well, see for yourself - just check them out on youtube - Garfield Hackett and his cronies... they talk the talk, all lovey, artistic, visionary and helping the community, giving something back...etc. it's all posturing, all lies. when it comes down to it, they've simply emulated the actions of the reviled traders & bankers: gambled with someone elses money, lined their own pockets, then walked away leaving countless people ruined behind them - and never admitting guilt. absolute scandal. they should never be allowed to work again. though no doubt, they'll reel of the speil and be back p--sing the publics money up the wall again soon, no doubt. disgusting.

What part of the word "garden" is there anything to do with this place. It's a dusty, gravel site when dry and muddy mess when wet. My first visit just before the BT River of music a few weeks ago, left me feeling disgusted. Queues for portable toilets that had so much rubbish inside them and males visibly urinating all around them, long queues for food and drink and expensive too. So gave them the benefit of the doubt as early days and went a second time hoping that the so called gardens might be now done. However, same old dirty, dusty gravel area, where you have no choice but to sit uncomfortably. Had I known it had not got better, I would have at least taken some portable chair, but BT River of Music did not provide this info. Now knowing that there is an asbestos risk, I will not bother with any future events.

I live 5 mins down the Road from Pleasure Gardens in Silvertown...And all i can say is don't even bother...Just a waste of time...

It's a terrible shame that the artists who performed at the opening weekend still haven't been paid and are unlikely to do so. Shame on the whole charade. It should have neither 'London' or 'Pleasure' or 'Garden' in it's title. This site is as toxic as the asbestos waste it is built on.

Shambolic dump. Discraceful that it's even open. It's worse than that Winter Wonderland that was shamed a year or so ago.

Why is this posted here as free? I just crossed town to check it out and they want to charge for entry. What a complete waste of time.

I went to the opening and Bloc (unfortunately) and feel utterly ripped off. The site is a narrow strip of wasteland around a dock with a few overpriced wooden stalls and a tent. Staffed by a handful of disorganised 'security' rent-an-idiots the capacity in reality is much smaller than they advertise, and honestly we are lucky the police intervened before no young revellers were crushed alive at Bloc. Given the taxpayer and non-refunded Bloc money some faceless owners are pocketing millions out of this joke of a venue, sooner the press and other promoters acknowledge this the better

I had the couscous custard salad and my family had a dance. All in all a good day out for £5.75 for 6 of us.

Wow what a complete dump! Why do time out keep plugging thus place? It is hideous, dirty and incompetently run!

I have attended London Pleasure Gardens twice now, on the day it opened and the now infamous BLOC fiasco and both were some of the most disorganised and uncomfortable experiences. I would avoid this disused wasteland at all cost.

I have to admit the old factory and dock are great things to look at. It's a shame the rest of the site was such a disgrace. Bad layout, overcrowding, incompetent security staff and the list goes on. If you have any tickets for upcoming "festivals" at this highly un-pleasurable venue, get a refund now. The tent capacity is way smaller than site capacity and what ultimately led to the closure of Bloc. Queues everywhere. Don't bother, you won't see a single bit of music.

I've never left a review on a website before, but these positive reviews are obviously so fake that I can't help myself. London Pleasure Gardens are a joke. If you ask any member of the public who has visited, I cannot believe they would have anything positive to say about this place. It's an absolute disgrace. Visually, it's horrible. The way it's organised is an absolute shambles. I can't put it better than the other reviewers like "Alyssa J" and "JD" below have already done, but I just want to add my support to them. This place is a complete waste of time.

One comment said "dusty, unpleasant and disorganised" - couldn't agree more, although in view of the recent police shutdown of the Bloc festival, perhaps we should include "dangerous" too! NOT family friendly at all. In a word, awful. Avoid.

Avoid at all costs. London - yep. Pleasure - nope, Gardens - definitely nope. This is basically a building site, a narrow strip of wasteland around a dock. Badly laid out, derelict, muddy & dusty. Putting up a few fairy lights on a fence and painting a wall with ironic banksy-esque graffiti does not a bohemian paradise make... There is no grass, nowhere to sit, nothing to do, and very little to see except some rusted shipping containers, and a derelict building. It is "run" (I use the term very loosely) by clueless security & staff. Its isolation means you are forced to buy their extotionate drinks and food (one trader told me the ground hire per stall was three times that of Glastobury, and the most expensive he'd seen in 20 years of trading...hence the overpricing) 1 star out of five, because I can't rate it at zero. Seriously, this place is a joke. And at the taxpayers massive expense by all reports. Shame, shame, shame on the Shangri-La team for what they've done here. Tainted by either epic incompetence or disgusting, lazy greed (possibly both)

It's a building site! WTH? It's way too soon to let anyone know about it. Poor show to both Time Out and the 'so called' organisers. Let us all know when it's 100% READY yeah?

It is a building site, the day we went there with our kids it looked desolate and unfinished. They were late opening some attractions, the food was limited and general the facilities were a big disappointment. Shame.

Only went to the gardens section on the other side of the road which were beautiful ,hence the three stars. the main area was closed due to the problems on the previous night so didn't get to experience the original idea

Don’t waste your time going there. It shouldn’t even be listed in time-out!! Or at least it shouldn’t be called Pleasure Gardens!! There is no green at ALL. It looks more like abandoned car park. Awful place!

What a disgrace and a waste of Newham council and Art council money. Like Bob Diamond the organisers shoul resign and pay back their wages. There must be organisers out there than can organise. Stop the PR spin we all know its rubbish

Paradise gardens at the pleasure gardens - THE WORST FESTIVAL I'VE EVER BEEN TO - if I could give this minus stars I would I feel completely disappointed and misled. This was NOT a pleasure garden. It was a dustbowl, late opening, no-where to sit, clashing music from different venues, unstocked bars, half of it was closed etc etc. It wasn't 'edgy' - it was just very badly done. Really sad that the organisers failed to meet the expectations they set. VERY POOR. How do people with such bad organisational skills get these gigs?

stopped off here on the way to see Les Voyages d'aqua Reves in Woolwich (which was BRILLIANT). Very pleased to be seeing Hypnotic Brass Ensemble for free but .... pleasure "gardens" it was not, evil dust bowl with overflowing bins, nowhere to sit down and enormous queues for the toilet it was. Been to many wonderful festivals with our 4 year old this was just a mess. Felt sorry for the traders who were selling cold food and festival stuff COVERED in dust. The least the site organisers could have done was sprayed the ground to keep the dust down. For free I can't complain but I wouldn't go back again and PAY. It's a wasteland with potential, but it's still a wasteland and the more people walking on it the dustier and dirtier it will get.....

Wicked place, lots of good vibes all day, bit dusty when the wind blew but im sure this could be sorted with a extra layer of something on the ground. Nice big fireworks at the end and really easy to get to on the DLR. Looking forward to seeing more stuff here nice to have the fest on my doorstep!!

dangerous on the ground - nothing like what they said it was going to be like. poorly managed although enough the funding was there for it to be a success... a long way to go

We went on the Saturday and I didn't take the kids (we live the completely the other side of town) and I thought if we did then we would have had fun but bailed after a couple of hours as the one drawback was the lack of grassy areas to chill and the dust (the result of sunshine so not all bad). Apart from that small drawback (and a bit of chaos leaving) best time I have had in ages, loads of brilliant party people, met some new friends and a pleasing lack of any bad vibes, Dreadzone were their usual awesome best among other great acts and I enjoyed the industrial landscape, what more do you want for free people? I usually pay £200 to go the Glastonbury every year to have a time that is that good (but with added sticky mud).. One regret is I did not bring some rolls of soft grassy turf to hire out a bit like deckchairs for people to chill out on, maybe next time :0)

I smell a blatant attempt by the promoters/organisers of LPG to increase the rating here on time out and try to counteract the clearly negative public reaction and reviews with some positive reviews. Get off your computers and get to work on actually fixing the issues people are raising! It's a wonderful vision you have and I share it, but there is so much work to do to realise it, and trying to deceive yet more people by papering over the cracks on here and other websites, namely your facebook page (where they only publish positive comments and upload clearly photoshopped and deceptive photos of the site) will not achieve what we all hope and expect of this amazing space! DO NOT MESS IT UP. You have a unique opportunity to do something really special, please don't let London and it's citizens down.

Had a fantastic time on Saturday at the opening, Everyone was cool & easy just enjoying the flow. Solution Sound System's bassline was wicked with some live horns proper reggae dance.If you don't know get to know the Pleasure Gardens. I'm sure the dust issues will be sorted. I felt i was in Glastonbury , Notting Hill Carnival and a Blues dance all rolled ito one. My kind of Level. It can only get better.

WARNING! The previous industrial land use for this dust bowl of a site was an asbestos factory! A simple seach for 'Millennium Mills' on Google shows site is still contaminated. Its a scandal that the thousands of visiting family's have not been warned - I hope the media picks up on this soon.

Arrived at 12:45 Saturday to get in at the advertised time of 13:00. Left at 14:30 after the site STILL wasn't open, having been battered by the dust storm and finding there is, quite literally, nothing else to do here

Brilliant weekend! A unique and wonderful park. I can't believe how massive it is. A shame that the whole thing wasn't open yet, but I'm excited for Bloc weekend and the chance to explore more areas of the park. Had an amazing time shaking it with my mates to Dreadzone and generally loved walking about and seeing all the smiling faces and families. It has turned something horrible into a thing of beauty with an industrial flare. I'm looking forward to seeing what the park becomes and evolves into. Well done to the crew who made it happen - it's a wonderful gift for London!!

Wow sounds like people are really divided on this one. Well I guess it's not that surprising that some didn't get it, it seems to me like the site is meant to be slightly provocative, ironic, challenging and alternative and that's one of the reasons I loved it so much. Plus having been to a number of free events in London I have to say this was without doubt the friendliest crowd I've seen, I didn't notice one bit of trouble, we met some great people from all over and everyone seemed to be getting down to all the bands, which were all incredible I might add. The dust was a little annoying on the Saturday but after a bit of rain on the Sunday (yes I went back so it can't have been that bad) it was hardly noticeable, besides I've been to Burning Man, by far the best and most definitely the dustiest festival in the world so this was no problem to deal with (although some warning so I could have brought my goggles would have been nice maybe). I could tell that it wasn't quite finished but because of the industrial feel to the place, it didn't even seem to matter. Also I'm confused about complaints that it wasn't family friendly, I saw loads of kids having a great time and none of the families we met seemed to have any worries, but then I guess perhaps winging parents breed winging kids. To be fair if you're expecting Kew Gardens then you will indeed be disappointed but if you want something a bit edgy and fun then I highly recommend it.

I had an amazing time dancing around to Dreadzone and Alabama 3, it was a great lineup and with an incredible firework display at the end. I really like that they are using interesting and alternative art to work with the industrial nature of the site and i'm interested to see how this is going to grow and develop over the next few months. Its true the organisation was a little rough round the edges, which is to be expected on a first attempt, and it was a windy and therefore dusty weekend. Over all it was an enjoyable and alternative event with a promising future.

I went on Saturday and I have not had so much fun for a long time! Brilliant atmosphere, lovely crowd of people, very diverse. Real festival feeling but on London transport links. My highlights were A J Holmes and the Hackney Empire, the flying chairs (I love a bit of a funfair!) and the AMAZING fireworks display. All this and its only the beginning! so much more to come :-)

Brilliant Saturday. The music, art and entertainment was ace and most importantly free. I went with no expectations and left very feeling inspired. The vibe was great. LPG is a welcome addition to East London and will obviously get better and better

What a weekend !!! The royal docks is alive with creativity and a bright future . Negative People below should stick to shopping centres and watching x factor .

I had a great time, my kids loved it too. The views across London and the fireworks we're spectacular.

An absolutely appalling afternoon. Having nearly taken the tube (Southwark station was closed) we drove, and the only positive thing about the whole experience was that it was quick to get there, the parking was free and, most importantly, it was quicker to get back. It had the appearance and feel of something run by complete amateurs. The whole feel of the place is unwelcoming, unfriendly and unfinished. Actually I could continue - dirty, makeshift, lacklustre. Oh, and the ATMs charged £2.75 - the most, I think, I have ever paid. I persuaded my family and friends to go to this. Fortunately they forgave me quickly. Over the years I've been to a lot of events in London, and elsewhere. Some good, some not - but this was, by a Newham mile, the worst event I've ever been to.

I spent the whole day at the Pleasure Gardens yesterday, ending with the fireworks spectacular. It was great, rockin music and a fun loving mixed crowd of all ages. This is the closest I've been to a proper festival in London and it was FREE. Well done Pleasure Gardens people, looking forward to what's ahead.

I had a great time!!!! Ok so there were some teething problems at the start (luckily we didnt arrive until later in the afternoon) but i and the kids loved it! The fairground was brilliant, nice to see authentic feeling rides for once and the vibe of the site is really unique! Hope to make it back (without the kids!) this summer.....that Dome looks like it could be great for a party!!! Its a shame the whole site wasnt open yet but i guess that makes it more exciting for next time!

Had a great time with my daughter, friends & there children, about time there was something put on in this town that gets away from the same old same old we normally get offered!!! This event will evolve into a very special legacy!!! Dont be fooled by the below comments!!!

I have visited the 'Pleasure' Garden and was thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with the quality of site, entertainment and organisation. It's hardly 'family friendly' as described. The place looked half finished with scaffolding and barriers over large portions of the site. There wasn't much entertainment (the fireworks were OK but confusingly presented).In the evening drunken revelers staggering about, breaking bottles, littering everywhere and urinating against the residential buildings next door. No attempt by any of the wardens to stop them - a complete shambles. It's a disgrace even with the free entrance and in fact you couldn't pay me to go there again.

And the crowd control afterwards was complete stupidity and highly dangerous. They tried to get everybody to leave via a makeshift bridge into the DLR. The gates onto the street were shut. Eventually the 'security' guards realised this was not going to work(!!) and we forced them to open what had been the exit. We noticed that what had been the entrance was opened later. Do not bother to go to this.

Pile of s**t, a total scam, if the figures for expenditure on this event are true as being between £5million and £8million somebody or some people have pocketed a lot of tax payers cash. There should be an investigation into how this shambles of event is getting away with all that cash.......

One of the worst, most badly organised things I've ever been to. It was a building site. A massive disapointment and a complete lie describing it as a 'pleasure garden'. There was nothing pleasurable or garden about it. A complete scam. Dont bother going.

Amazing place. Propper festy site in london. Was pretty rammed yesterday but we had a great time. Lush fireworks show at the end of the night. I disagree with the other comments. It is a bit industrial but it's edgy. My kids loved it and I had a propped dance. Alabama 3 today!

I have lived around the area for 20 years and seen this land sit derelict.... My friends and kids loved it and I cant wait to see the place evolve

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