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Cannondale Treadwell Neo
CannondaleCannondale Treadwell Neo

Need some new wheels? You probably want this Cannondale e-bike then...

Trying to avoid public transport but still need to get around? You need a bike. A really good one.

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The lockdown has turned the UK into a nation of cyclists, especially us Londoners. Desperate to avoid hectic, crowded, cough-y public transport, people all over the city have turned to two wheels to get them out and about. And who can blame them? Cycling is healthy, quick, efficient, and if you can do a wheelie then you'll never be single. That's just a fact. Everyone fancies someone who can do a wheelie.

But there's just one problem: bike shops can't keep up with demand. Shops all over the city are totally sold out of bikes, and if you can find something on an online market place then it's probably massively overpriced and maybe even nicked. That's supply and demand for ya, and it's super frustrating. 

Cannondale has a solution though. A bike, right, but free. If you do the maths, that's infinitely cheaper than having to spend money on one.

Yes, Cannondale has decided to give our readers one of their top of the range urban e-bikes, the Treadwell Neo. What's an e-bike? It's like an email, but for bikes. It's a normal bike with a little engine in it, which means you won't struggle getting up Highgate Hill, and you can pootle your way to Putney and back without breaking too much of a sweat. This is cutting edge bike technology, and Cannondale is at the top of the game. The bike has app connectivity, relaxed geometry, disc brakes, a 75km range and a seatpost with suspension in it so you don't get a sore bum. Oh, and it looks seriously cool too.

And it's all yours.

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