Talk To Me Day

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Talk To Me Day

It's hardly a secret that many Londoners actively avoid interacting with strangers. Imagine the dread. It's 6.15pm, somehow you've actually left the office on time, incredibly you've also managed to snag a seat on the tube during rush hour, you're just removing the bookmark in your novel to finally discover who dunnit but... oh no! You've got eye contact with the person opposite, you can see them gearing up to chat and here it comes...'My daughter's reading that, is it any good?' Now you’re stuck in a 25-minute conversation with Albert who's down for the day from Leicester. Groan. But actually as it turns out he’s got a wicked sense of humour, went to the same uni as your brother and has offered to give you a discounted rate on his holiday cottage in Devon. That wasn’t so bad, was it? To celebrate and encourage these encounters, Talk To Me Day is taking place around the world from Las Vegas to Dublin. Londoners can take part by heading to a 'Talk Bar' (serving conversations instead of drinks), joining workshops on how to talk to strangers, getting involved in the pub quiz (with an unknown team, of course) or just by striking up a convo with a passer by.


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