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Bank of Dave: Fighting the Fat Cats

Thu Feb 28, 10-11.05pm, C4

The day after the original ‘Bank of Dave’ aired, Dave Fishwick received thousands of emails pledging support and wanting to open accounts. Sadly, nestling amongst them was a communication from the FSA, effectively shutting him down. Anyone who saw the original pair of documentaries can probably take a wild guess at Dave’s response. We were always going to see Dave Fishwick on television again. He’s charismatic, determined and ludicrously energetic. It also helps that he’s basically right.

His trump card is that he sees things in the same black-and-white terms as the rest of us. Why can’t he open a tiny bank when Libor riggers and vulture capitalists can beggar us all and then stroll off into the sunset? The difference is, he’s in a position to do something about it. And what do you know? By the end of this film, it seems he has. Whatever happens to his bank, Dave is great entertainment, but we’d like to think that he might have forced some genuine positive change too. Bravo.



Whilst I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly support what Dave has set out to achieve and achieved he has more importantly exposed one of many serious flaws that exist in our society today, I have all my life been a supporter of Capitalism and the Free Market but have begun to be more and more concerned that is no longer working as it should, with freedom comes responsibility, we are long way short of the level of responsibility required, too many short term interests are currently being served whether they are personal, corporate or political. It seems to me that Dave has hit on one of the major shortcomings of our current predicament.


To Dave Fishwick Bank of Dave Burnley Well done, absolutely brilliant, I wish you could open a community bank in Walkder, Worsley, that will be a dream for everyone who want to invest, think about it Awaiting your response Irene


Great, he's started a peer to peer lending scheme (ie nothing new). Does he offer debit cards, direct debit payments, online banking, mobile phone or telephone banking, foreign exchange, credit cards, home, life, or car insurance (that it is, believe it or not, legal to turn down if it doesn't compare), overdraft, 24 hour customer service through a variety of mediums....didn't think so. I have a normal bank account with a normal bank, and I get all of that- and none of those services costs me a penny. Fair play to the guy for trying to get around the credit checks, but if he's lending to people with poor credit history, he essentially cannot prove he is being a responsible lender, thus FSA accreditation and a banking licence will remain elusive. He won't be able to sustain this model if the scheme grows either. Plus I can almost guarantee that it will emerge that he pressured one of his minibus customers into buying GAP insurance in the 80s or something, leading to widespread calls for his resignation. So in short, he's making a name for himself by mudslinging at the big boys of his new industry on the back of semi-misguided widespread public opinion whilst offering not much more than an entertaining telly box show (his loan rates are no better than what the regulated lenders offer over half of their customers)...he's basically Ed Miliband- in fact maybe he should consider a career in politics as he has the fingerpointing, uncanny knack for saying exactly what people want to hear and otherwise lack of any real substance behind his proposition down to a fine art, plus he offers a deluge of charisma...and if you are prepared to wait two years, a return of 5%APR on balances of up to £25,000- how many (UK) politicians can offer that?!