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Being Human

Sun Feb 3, 10-11pm, BBC3

Huw John
Series five, episode one
We all know which is the most hyped, starry and ostentatiously expensive vampire fest on TV. But as it reaches its fifth series, ‘Being Human’ is sustaining itself way better than ‘True Blood’. Maybe the biodiversity is the secret – compared to the limited gene pool of Bon Temps, this gang run the gamut of supernatural curses and potential jeopardy. And crucially, no one’s safe – the show’s customarily high turnover saw Lenora Crichlow’s Annie departing at the end of season four. But never fear. Feisty newbie Alex looks like filling the gap with ease.

Hal’s the reluctant focus of this season opener, proudly clocking up 60 years on the wagon but tempted by the blood of car crash victim Ian. Initially, Ian doesn’t seem like much of an adversary – but might he prove too much for Hal to handle? There’s also a parallel story involving Hal’s past in early twentieth century France – look out for a cracking late revelation which sets the series up beautifully.